Inter-generational Inductions 2 x Men's Sheds & Albert Park Flexi School: Sewing and Design for Laser

Inter-generational Inductions 2 x Men's Sheds & Albert Park Flexi School: Sewing and Design for Laser

A group of older men from Wilston & Sunnybank Men's Sheds as well as a group from Albert Park Flexi School will be coming in to learn design for the laser cutter. The Men's Shed groups will be bringing in their own little project ideas to work on. Albert Park are interested in doing inductions on the sewing machines this week.

The Plan for Wednesday 23rd August 10-12pm Fab Lab

Em: Sewing inductions (3 and 1 teacher to do it as well)

1. Everyone introduce self as a whole group if possible

2. Show where the sewing machines live. The irons and ironing boards as well

3. Everyone sit in front of a sewing machine on a table

4. Go through the bobbin process (winding the cotton on and putting it in)

5. Thread the cotton

6. Talk through the machine and the knobs

7. Sew on test piece of material

8. Get bag material. Cut the relevant parts and pin etc

9. Go through the bag making process.

10. Fill in work books

11. Sign up as a new user at The Edge on a lap top

12. Explain about designing and cutting a laser design for screen printing the bag next week.

Mick: Laser design and cutting ( 3 sunnybank, 1 wilston)

1. Everyone introduces self as a whole group if possible

2. Men have been prepped to bring in their own design ideas to work on

3. You may get to the cutting stage

4. Mention that for next week a couple of the men have shown interest in a 3D printing workshop. Can continue with laser if that is the interest as well.


Today we were in two distinct groups - Men's Sheds and Flexi School. There were 10 in attendance today. We were set up on two long tables along side each other. It was my first time doing a sewing induction and it went really well! The time flew by and everyone had done some sewing before. Amy had done the least amount. She had some mobility things comes up, however she finished the session wanting to continue with sewing.

The Men's Shed group focussed on Illustrator again and had a design for making a car that one of the guys brought in. Everyone worked on this and they cut it on the laser cutter. Some are more engaged than others. Some want to yarn and hang out. Others really want to learn the programs and skills. There is mixed levels of computer literacy as well, from last week having a guy who never uses a computer to Alan who brought his along with him today and having downloaded the vCarve software is keen to learn what to do.

There has been a lot of interest flagged in continuing design, also 3D printing, and CCC program.


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