Fab Lab Inductions: Men's Sheds: Laser continued

Fab Lab Inductions: Men's Sheds: Laser continued


Albert Park,

5 Sunnybank MS men

2 Wilston MS men.

What will be happening?

1. A mix group for the laser cutter induction (Mick will lead)

2. A small group continuing to design for the laser (with Phil use laptops in the fab lab)


A group of 4 came in from Sunnybank Men's Shed. Albert Park had young people away and with one keen to come in but not wanting to come in by themselves to the Fab Lab with Men's Shed men being there. Wilston Men's Shed have had some personal issues of late so I wasn't surprised that no one ended up coming from there.

Sunnybank were very engaged and happy to begin loosely looking at a stencil design that one of the members drew on paper and then Mick proceeded to put into Illustrator so as to cut on the laser. We all chatted and hung out while this was going on. There were two that had never been in before and they signed up as new users. I noticed that one member was not confident at all on the computer.

They as a group are very keen to keep coming in and to gain more skills using the laser and CNC. There was talk again about getting their own small CNC for the Men's Shed. It was identified today that they would be keen to do the CCC workshop in the future and for one of the computers to go to the Men's Shed to run the small CNC.

We have suggested that they come in with ideas for a personal project next time to try the design for laser with.

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