Inter-generational inductions in the DML (Albert Park & Men's Sheds): Design for Laser

Inter-generational inductions in the DML (Albert Park & Men's Sheds): Design for Laser

A group of older men from Wilston & Sunnybank Men's Shed as well as a group from Albert Park Flexi school will be coming in to learn design for the laser cutter in the DML. Both groups have been in the previous week to do inductions in the fab lab.

The Plan for Wednesday 2nd Aug 2017 10-12pm

On Tuesday (the day before) make sure all the computers are good to go in the DML

10am Em & Mick welcome both groups to the Edge in the foyer. Introduce the groups.

Everyone individually introduces themselves to the group.

Ask the group if they have any questions before we begin.

10.10 am Go down and see the laser cutter and what the group will be designing today (A box with a personal design on it)

then the Men shed heads into the DML to begin on computers with Mick.

10.15 am Em will have a chat with the young people from Albert Park about working with older adults.

Look to unpack older adults in the following ways (depending on the group as to which questions will be asked and unpacked):

1. Discuss stereotypes - ask them for their thoughts on older adults ( will expect some of the following: Boring, they are too slow, not cool, I don’t have anything in common)

2. Walking in other people's shoes - ask open ended questions such as:

How did you feel when:

- You forgot something?

- You couldn’t see that well?

- People talk about you as if you are not there?

3. Do you have any stories about an experience you have had with an older adult? It could be a family member, friend, from TV etc.

10.20 am Albert Park will join the group in the DML to begin on computers

Mick will look at finding ways for the young people to help the older adults and vice versa during the workshop so that there is a sharing and a shifting 'expert'

12pm Finish

Session Plan - Decorated smartphone TV stand

This workshop will use our standard Laser Cut lampshade - Illustrator edition workshop structure, described here: intro_to_illustrator_for_laserand_lamp_making_workshop.docx with minor changes.

Changes include:

  1. Introducing participants to free online tools for making finger-jointed box & by measuring their smart phones and
  2. Introducing participants to measuring using a set of vernier calipers. This project also has a greater focus on tracing existing artwork.

The concept is informed by these cute, engaging, little things and the changes were made as a strategy to:

  • Engage the Men's Shed guys in making some “practical making” Finger-jointed
  • Engaging the Flexi school students in creative making that incorporates pop culture or other interests.
  • Has some basic technical problem solving - measuring and cutting a hole for a cord, speaker holes
  • A common interest between the groups - having a smart phone in their pocket to make an accessory for


There were two members from each Men's Shed that came today along with 6 young people and 2 teachers. A total of 12. The Men's Shed groups arrived early and were super keen. Wolfgang had some ideas that he wanted to run by Peter. Alan wanted to come down and take photos of everything in the Fab Lab again. David (first visit for him) wanted a tour.

When the young people arrived there were so many new to The Edge I gave them a brief tour of the space. We then all ended up in the DML for the workshop session on Adobe Illustrator.

It was a large group with a lot of material to cover. I was surprised with the level of focus from all. At times a young person would jump in and help an older man as well as the other way around. These shifting expert moments were the highlights.

At times the majority of the group all needed help from Mick which were the challenging moments. The other challenging moments were when teachers were less support workers and more participants and held up moments.

Another idea is to revisit using Inkscape. The Men's Shed participants and some of the APFS participants were interested in a free version of vector drawing software. so they can design at home/ school and come in to cut on the laser. Also some of the Men's Shed guys indicated that they have time to burn and would be able to practice at home


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