Rumpus Land Online: Progress Update 27 April 2021

Rumpus Land Online: Progress Update 27 April 2021

Created by Thom Browning on 2021/04/27 14:40.


  • Thom Browning

Development Site Update

The Rumpus Land Online Development site is progressing nicely. This week it will see its second run in the field to test that currently functionality is stable.

Currently, the following has been implemented:

* The Well: Basic functions include new page names added to The Well in the side menu, and a gallery view of content in The Well in the form of a slider (updates manually).

* The Portal: Collection form that upon submission performs three actions

  1. Sends email to as backup.
  2. Creates new page with unique page name in The Well.

Adds line to The Well back-end database (not publicly accessible)

Functions that the WIKI does not currently support invlude:

  1. Databasing/indexing of new data collection by forms for automatic access on other pages.
  2. Linking one page to another through a database/index.
  3. Automated email notifications to users when their THING is logged as being used as inspiraton.
  4. Gallery sliders that automatically update with content from a database/index.

Going Live on Development Site

In order to have participants browse their content post workshops, we will need to put this development site online soon. Things that need to be done before we do this include:

Restructure the site so that The Portal is only available to approved contributors, as a moderation policy.

Go through each page and tidy up the functionality and design across the site.

Attempt to make the site as aesthetically pleasing as is able without our Visual ID or design concept

Add disclaimer text to each page letting viewers know that this is a site in development

Additional Custom Functions

Now that the Rumpus Land Online development site has most functionalities complete, there are now a list of items that will require custom programming to implement.

1. Well Database feeding drop down menu

  • When the user is submitting Designed Thing X, a field in the form they complete is “Was your design inspired by an Imagined Thing?”
  • In that field, a drop-down menu appears. The contents of that menu are auto-populated from the Well Database field “Imagined Thing Name”.
  • The user selects Imagined Thing Y.
  • When the form is completed, the user presses submit. This form performs three actions:
  1. A new page with a unique name and QR code, and a link to the Imagined Thing Y page.
  2. A new line in the Well Database INCLUDING a link to Imavib above.
  3. An email to with the information that Designed Thing X was created inspired by Imagined Thing Y
  4. In addition, the

2. Email Notification Form

  • A form will be created on the Grumpus back end. It will have two fields, each a drop down menu populated by The Well Database.
  • A staff member manually selects each field based on the email they have received at
  • They select: Designed Thing X has been created inspired by Imagined Thing Y.
  • They hit submit. The form performs one action:
  • An email is sent from the email address assigned to Imagined Thing Y (in the database) letting them know that Designed Thing X has been created inspired by Imagined Thing Y.
  • The email features links to both Things and an offer to browse more in The Well.

3. Automatically updating Gallery Sliders

  • The Well Database contains links to a key image (first image alphabetically assigned to that pagename, for instance), and a “Thing Name” field.
  • The Gallery Slider is programmed to automatically pull an image and name from every item in that database.

4. Random Button

  • Implementation of a Randomiser button on The Well, that will send users to any of the pagenames listed within a designated namespace.


Once the functionality and structure of the site is complete, and custom plugins developed, the site can be re-skinned in line with The Great & Grand Rumpus Visual ID.

This will involve:

Engaging with James from Inclusive Communities team (he is the developer of the current SLQ wiki template).

Write a brief for the Comms team who will create the design based on the Visual ID currently in development

Work with Comms to set deliverables and deadlines for the completion of the design work

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