Plant UR Cup


I saw this img_7414.jpg one day at my local and asked what they did with the cups? They used them to grow seedlings. i thought that this could be a thing we did in the Coffee Stop. Set up a station on Level 1 of the Edge, somewhere by the coffee stop, where patrons could plant a seed or seedling into their empty coffee cup and take it home with them. It could be something productive (edible, attract pollinatorsimg_7812.jpg, air filtering

This could

  • be a brief 3min activity that patrons could engage with upstairs
  • a way getting people to think about their rubbish
  • a hands on way of recycling/ upcycling
  • an opportunity for people to learn the rarely* practiced technique of planting a seed (Urban people don't plant stuff)
  • something to take home and talk about
  • there could be a didactic about the productive nature of the plant

Activity Summary

Describe the activity being proposed and the engagement, skills and knowledge development value of this type of activity.


Cups seeds/ seedlings soil water


Step Zero:

  • The Edge organises seed/ seedlings from a productive plant partner ( pretty produce, woodford butterfly people, Bee one third, community gardens types)
  • find a source of soil ( wandering cooks' composting machine)
  • establish a stock of seedlings
  • we build a booth to install upstairs. write a blogpost

Step One:

rinse your cup and lid

Step Two:

select seed/ seedling (comes with an info tag)

Step Three:

pour in measure of soil

Step Four:

plant according to instructions on tag

Step Five:

water and replace lid

Step Six:

share on social using our hash tag

Step Seven:

take home and care for me according to instructions on tag

Production notes

Critical Success Factors

Which of the critical success factors does this Prototype target? For more details see SLQ-Strategic-Plan-2016-20

Enable Access

  • Provide life skills and early childhood literacy programs
  • Increase free access to digital content
  • Strengthen Queensland library infrastructure and discovery platforms

Engage Community

  • Grow the State’s historical collection of Queensland culture and heritage
  • [✓ mick, 2017-01-25]Engage with communities of interest through dedicated centres of engagement
  • Facilitate the community’s use of and interaction with content

Build Capability

  • [✓ mick, 2017-01-25] Build capacity within our communities of interest
  • Generate new revenue sources
  • Position our workforce for the future

Delivering of The Edge Promises

Aside from the SLQ Strategic Plan, there is The Edge's commitments to the community and the lens we look at it through. Here are a few more check boxes for you to answer

This empowers creative experimentation across...

  • [✓ mick, 2017-01-25]Art?
  • [✓ mick, 2017-01-25]Science?
  • Technology?
  • Enterprise?

It will inspire...

  • [✓ mick, 2017-01-25]Whimsy?
  • Nostalgia?
  • [✓ mick, 2017-01-25]Curiosity?
  • [✓ mick, 2017-01-25]Awe?


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