The Box Wall Project

The Box Wall Project


Redevelopment of the outcomes for the laser cutter inductions and an opportunity to develop a density of community persistence in the space in a way that benefits The Edge.

Activity Summary

Community members will customise the front panel of a sliding, self contained drawer unit (design files to be added once generated under the files section). These drawer units can be taken home or donated to The Edge for use in a wall of drawers to be installed in the Fabrication Lab.

The dimensions of the drawers will vary but be sized in ratio that they can be assembled into pods (I'm going to put an image here wen I get a photo) and in turn a larger structure once glued together to create stability.

These drawers will be used to store components, prototypes and paperwork. Each drawer will have the name of the person that made it etched intn the box and a space for a vinyl sticker that can be written in with wet erase markers. This will build the makers wall; a list of people that have contributed to The Edge. Where feasible we could have VIPS on tour contribute to the wall as well.

This project will form the basis of the laser induction moving forward. Mick’s suggestion - which is a good one - is that the community members modify the front of the box with text and adding the finger hole to the front panel of the design. A rest of the box can be precut to save time if needed. We could also look at making it a make one for you and make one for the space arrangement…

The idea comes from videos I’ve see on Ideo and their development spaces, with hundreds of draws above the desks, where things like lego are sorted into individual parts. It is an intention to impose some order in out space.

This project will create a dense persistence of community in space, where users can contribute to the larger whole in a quick and easy way. People will always see the drawer with their name on it and see it being used in a practical, cheap and meaningful way. We (The Edge team) will also contribute to building this density. We might just leave our names of the boxes past the first… or maybe not.

We will need to purchase some additional hot glue guns (the Bosch units, which we were looking at doing anyway and getting away from the disposable, cheap units) and enough licenses of Corel (a conversation Andrei and I will have).

I can appreciate there are cheaper ways to do this and there are better uses of material, but in this instance the human ROI outweighs the cost consideration.


* 3-4mm corrugated cardboard


* Hot Glue Gun
* Laptops with Corel Drawer
* Laser Cutter



Step Zero:

Step One:

Step Two:

Step Three:

Step Four:

Step Five: Troubleshooting

Step Six: References

Production notes

Critical Success Factors

Which of the critical success factors does this Prototype target? For more details see SLQ-Strategic-Plan-2016-20

Enable Access

  • Provide life skills and early childhood literacy programs
  • [✓ daniel, 2017-01-09]Increase free access to digital content
  • Strengthen Queensland library infrastructure and discovery platforms

Engage Community

  • Grow the State’s historical collection of Queensland culture and heritage
  • Engage with communities of interest through dedicated centres of engagement
  • [✓ daniel, 2017-01-09]Facilitate the community’s use of and interaction with content

Build Capability

  • [✓ daniel, 2017-01-09] Build capacity within our communities of interest
  • Generate new revenue sources
  • Position our workforce for the future

Delivering of The Edge Promises

Aside from the SLQ Strategic Plan, there is The Edge's commitments to the community and the lens we look at it through. Here are a few more check boxes for you to answer

This empowers creative experimentation across...

  • Art?
  • Science?
  • [✓ daniel, 2017-01-09]Technology?
  • Enterprise?

It will inspire...

  • Whimsy?
  • Nostalgia?
  • [✓ daniel, 2017-01-09]Curiosity?
  • Awe?


1. Feedback:

Will the drawers fit in milk crates? - this adds another level of portability and engagement….people might come back to make a set for a milk crate of their own.
Solution: Scale to the inner dimensions of a milk-crate from the outset, which is what has been looked at; 100x100x25, 200x100x25, 300x100x25 etc.

2. Feedback:


3. Feedback:


4. Other observations:


This were you put external links like LED generator


This is where you put files for laser cutting etc..

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