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If you are looking to introduce coding to younger aged children, or would like to start off with something a little more simple, then Scratch Jr is a great resource. It develops basic block programming in a fun and interactive way and encourages the imagination to flourish.

In order to use Scratch Jr you will need to have the app downloaded on to your device at home. The app is free to download through both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. You will not need a Scratch account to use this app.

For more information visit the Scratch Jr page on SLQ Wiki.


The following links will lead you to a variety of Scratch Jr Programming ideas. Feel free to give them a go and use them as a starting point to develop your own Scratch coding.


  • Once you have begun a project in the Scratch Jr app it will automatically save. This means that you can always come back to what you were working on previously.
  • In the top left hand corner of the background screen you will see 2 squares. The first one, which is usually pre-selected, is for a blank screen. The second square however is for your grid. This will bring up grid lines across your normal background screen, making it much easier to determine the moves you would like your character's to make.
  • This app is a great introduction to Scratch and is very user friendly. We are able to create our Scratch Jr projects using just our hands and imagination so one of the best suggestions we can give is to just have a play around with the app and explore all the different variations you can do. Give yourself permission to get things wrong at times because then you can only learn and create more amazing things from there on in.

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