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On this page you can leave your questions and help answer other peoples questions throughout the Lego Robotics Program 2019. To clearly mark questions please use the following format.

        > How to cut the Lego mat for the "Into Orbit" challenge, to fit the Lego table?

The mat is cut as follows:

     >  M05 Gas Core, if we take the core back to base and then out to the Lander's Target Circle we only get the one lot of 
        scoring? (I suspect so)

If you move all four core samples of the axle you get 16p | You can get either 12p (Lander’s Target Circle) OR 10p (Base) for the gas core sample, not both | Water core samples in food growth chamber 8p

        >  M12 Satellite Orbits, is there any objection to transporting more than one at a time? 

The instructions say: “The Robot needs to move one or more satellites to the Outer Orbit.” There is no explicit rule that you can only move one satellite at a time – my ruling: you can move as many satellites at once as you can.

        >  General, if in the process of completing another challenge and a past challenge is bumped or knocked accidentally that may undo the completion of the challenge does this remove the points already received? 

As long as the challenge was previously completed the judge will give the appropriate points.


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