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LFA updater App

The LFA Updater app is used to update and install all the LFA apps, including the online and offline LFA App versions, the LFA Launcher and the LFA updater app itself. The app connects to the LFA repositories (repos) either locally from the LFA hotspot or over the internet.

If the LFA updater is not already installed on the tablet, you can either copy it onto an SD card and install (you may be asked for permissions), or if you have an LFA hotspot,

  • Join hotspot network:
    • there are two networks available with wifi SSID “lfahotspot” and “lfahotspot_5G”
  • and download (click) the latest version of the updater.
  • find the .apk file in your downloads and click to install. (you may have to confirm give permission)

Launch the LFA Updater app

You should see you list of repos ready to be connected too.

If you are online, you can go to the LFA Releases Repository

Or you can go to to the LFA Hotspot Mirror. A mirror is an exact copy of a repo on another server - in this case our hotspot.

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