Will be played in the auditorium and the foyer space of The Edge. The aim of this game is to get the community working together, thinking critically and having fun. The learning that is embedded in this evening is social and critical literacy.

Materials needed

Music in the space

The cards

A facilitator



A large space available (up to 20 people can play)with chairs in a circle

A smaller space available as well with chairs set up in a circle. Also a break off space is good to have for those that get out to hang in.

I am thinking to try running it in both large and small spaces on the night.

Have an area for chips and water

6D camera

Photo signs


Play the game beforehand

Werewolf is a simple party game for 7 to 20 players. Werewolf is a folk game - it's based on Mafia, which was created by Dimitry Davidoff in 1986, http://web.archive.org/web/19990302082118/http:/members.theglobe.com/mafia_rules/

and became Werewolf at the hands of Andrew Plotkin in 1997. http://www.eblong.com/zarf/werewolf.html

Cards to make http://www.eblong.com/zarf/pic/werewolf-cards-novo-1.1.pdf

Card to buy https://www.playwerewolf.co/rules/


1. Introductions (name & funniest thing that has happened to you today) and let everyone know where the bathrooms are, and that they can help themselves to chips and water.

2. Explain why we are playing this game (The purpose is to develop an understanding of apocalyptic gaming and explore what is fun about that space)

Get started (refer to the rule book)

The roles:

Werewolf - Your goal is by night, devour villagers. By day, try your best to 'pass' as an honest citizen.


towns person- Your goal is to discover the werewolves and to persuade the other players to eliminate them (while avoiding being suspected yourself)

Some villagers have certain abilities:

The fortune teller

The Hunter

The witch

3. Decided on where we will play the first time we play the game (auditorium or foyer)

4. Play the game again

Post Discussion

Call out for the group to reflect on their experience

Make mention of design elements

Immersion into the experience (were invested) and that the game affected us directly.


This game is a party game and the fact we had 7 people and the instructions say that it is a minimum of 8 to work was a little worrying to begin with. We went ahead as a group and everyone seemed open to trying different mixes of cards throughout the night. It does work with 7 people. The best mix is one werewolf, a seeer (fortune teller) and a witch.

Introducing ourselves first up and saying something about our day really helped to relax and engage people as well as get ready for quite a what sometimes can feel like a personal game.

Chips were important. We put them in the middle of our circle early on which worked well. We all had a raucous time!

Due to our smallish numbers we stayed in the foyer space that was set up. It worked really well.



60% first time to the edge

40% not sure if they feel connected


2 people filled in the survey out of 5 that attended.

They attended because they like book clubs.

50% first time to the edge

50% coming over 12 months

Community Development

Do you feel connected to The Edge community?

100% not sure

Cultural participation

Did you feel engaged by the games night?

50% somewhat yes

50% very much so

Community Development

Did you have a conversation with someone new?

100% somewhat yes

Accessing Resources

50% somewhat yes

50% very much so

Idea building

100% somewhat yes


- to broaden the definition of literature to include other mediums of art, music, films, games, etc

- The locked front door was a bit daunting last night


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