Flexi school games session


Set up the space- tables and chairs enough for how many games will happen (4 per table including a facilitator- someone who has played before)

Introduce self and everyone has a turn (name and game experience)

Discuss a game as a cultural artefact- we will learn about ourselves and each other as well as about the workings of a community.

Discuss the theme that the group may be exploring ( in our case we were looking at steampunk)

Explain the game using the facilitator notes- remind the group to have fun :)

Play! refer to the rules at any time (have them projected on a screen or wall- with the actions for the week being up for the whole time)

Reflect as a group. Talking points of what aspects of the community we created were interesting? How did it make you feel socially? What are your thoughts on the community that we designed together?

Mention the next time we will be seeing each other (in our case it is for a laser cutter induction)


Pack up


Playing it with Albert Park (a flexi school)

5 young people in attendance as well as one teacher. The 'how to play' felt soooo long. I am going to create a one page doc with the dot points of how to play for facilitators. Then they can refer to the projection pages for clarification when needed (like the rule book) We were divided into 2 groups. 2 separate games. Young people were engaged and very polite with each other. No contempt tokens used and issues were easily resolved.

When a young person took a while to come up with ideas other young people were impatient and would look at phones. Not all the time but some of the time. Keeping the pace up is really important for the success of this game. Also having an experienced playing in the mix. One of the groups didn't have anyone (I facilitated from the sidelines) due to the numbers and how the group chose to break up into the two groups.

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