Materials needed

1. Facilitators notes

2. 4 dice per player (2 colours)

3. Copy of the playset

4. Index cards (large sticky notes with - relationship, needs, objects, location and tilt written on them)

5. pens

6. Playmat

7. Book of the rules with these pages marked:

- tilt instructions

- Aftermath instructions

- Cheat sheet


Play the game.

get all the resources prepared


Only 2-4 players (including you) and a facilitator needs to be at each table.

Small table

Have the game set up before everyone arrives

Further Learning

Table top on you-tube has a number of videos about playing


Explain why we are playing this game (The purpose is to develop an understanding of apocalyptic gaming and explore what is fun about that space)

Get started (refer to the facilitator notes)

Post Discussion


Make time at the end of the game for the group to share any thoughts and ideas that came up while playing.


Find a way to say good bye and close the evening.

You may wish to get people to fill out surveys on devices or email that through to them later.


This session was the rescheduled session after we postponed the first one (we were all ill). The first session was full with a wait-list. This session we had 8 sign up and 5 on the night. I put this down to school holidays and September being festival season (Brisbane festival).

The attendees were all engaged in the game and conversation for over 2 hours. When they left they all stood outside chatting. This was fab to see. There were two people that had not been to the edge before as well.

This is the first game that we have done that we have had an external gamer on a table. It worked really well.



42% somewhat connected

57% like book clubs

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