The Quiet Year Games night at Deception Bay 3rd Oct 4-6pm

Materials needed

Projector & Computer (or app on phone) to display powerpoint instructions

Powerpoint of the games' rules to refer to when needed

Facilitators notes to help with explaining

Contempt tokens (laser cut)

Coloured pencils/pens

Plain piece of paper for map

Paper for writing the Abundance & Scarcity

10 dice per table

Quiet year cards

Music for atmosphere


Play the game beforehand


Only 2-4 players (including you) and a facilitator needs to be at each table.

Small table so that it is an intimate setting

Have cheat sheet projected throughout so that everyone can see it (last page on the powerpoint)

Keep the pace up at the beginning to get through all of the rules

Here are all the docs that you will need:

The Quiet Year


Further learning


Explain why we are playing this game (The purpose is to develop an understanding of apocalyptic gaming and explore what is fun about that space)

Get started (refer to the facilitator notes and the rules)


We had 3 groups of 4 ( mixed adults and teens) We began by explaining that we are entering a new world which is to be designed by the group and we had to discuss and agree on what resources we needed and what was available. Then we could make a start on our map. We all took turns at reading out a card and then discussed how that affected our world. We then made the changes needed on our map. This worked well for learning collaboration, problem solving and life skills. As there is no right or wrong in this game the teams had to work together and come up with compromises to continue forward, these results could be realistic or fantasy.


We had a group of 7 which worked well ( 3 groups). Great game kept the groups talking and discussing the ideas.


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