Relief Projection Wall

The Idea

One of the ideas for a large sculpture for Grumpus that can create a projection mapped experience is to create a relief wall with cardboard, similar to the other large sculptures but with a more 2D cardboard design idea than 3 dimensional.

Examples of this have been pulled together in the Grumpus Pinterest to provide some inspirational ideas;

Sculpture Process

One of the school groups engaged to work with SLQ on the Grumpus project will collaborate on this project with the AC team. The BSSSC has been earmarked as being in the best position to achieve the required results in the timeframe available for gallery installation. They will take inspiration from the Imagined Things in The Well, with the idea to focus on 'home of the Grumpus Things', creating a fantasy environment that activates children's (and adults) imagination with the idea to highlight the cardboard relief with projected storytelling visuals.

Projection Mapping Process

For the projection onto the relief wall a visual artist who has experience as a video projection artist will be engaged. The scope for the project will include the artist taking inspiration from the students stories in the development of the wall relief sculpture.

Examples of projection mapping;

Pinterest page -

Page of examples -

The back wall of the SLQ Gallery is where the relief wall will be positioned. With this positioning there are several considerations;

  • How long and high the sculpture will be, keeping in mind the projection shadowing and hanging parameters - we're looking at 6-7m in length and 4m high (TBD)
  • Fixing the cardboard relief to the wall, what type of requirements for load and attaching

Creating the Fabrication Brief

We ask the fabricator to build according to the supplied designs, using the finishes specified.

The most important considerations when putting together a brief for fabrication is communicating the design, scale and detailed dimensions, materials and finishes, timeline and delivery date.

If being fabricated off-site then transport, delivery and installation in the gallery also has to be considered. If their fabricated component also has to work with any other components (other sculptures, graphics, av hardware and lighting) then we should outline that as well in the brief (or say that we will give access to these).

Basically we need to communicate what we want as accurately as possible so that we get the correct cost captured and the best contractor engaged to do the work.

Creating the Projection Brief

We will engage an artist to create the projection onto the cardboard wall relief.

We will ask an animator/motion designer to create a projection that responds to a brief which will include;

  • The designed concept (the physical structure and its elements)
  • The story concept (the 'idea' including imagery concepts)

As this is a collaborative project, the artist will need to have scope to create their own vision and designs based on the above.

Key skills we are seeking for the contractor;

  • animation experience; creating animated animals and humans (walk cycles etc)
  • projection experience; understanding of using projection mapping software and experience in public art projection
  • experience working with narrative storytelling in a projection sense (not just abstract visual mapping)

Key items for the artist to include in the brief;

  • 1 x 5 minute animated projection

* 8m x 4.5m 3D sculpture (made from cardboard, brown colour) * 4k resolution (for archiving and potential screen use) and 2K at 4/3 ratio? (or whatever the design size will be)

  • deliver the projection piece to be compatible with SLQ's Watchout system
  • Where they would map parts of the design (which parts will include projection and which won't)

Narrative Design;

  • Civilization is deteriorating due to climate change
  • Creatures taking back over
  • creatures coming up and out from the underground maze,
  • passing of time (sun/day/night) - less lights on in house, more plants growing over the buildings
  • small creatures running around
  • plants and flowers, mushroom growing out
  • could show digging of tunnel a tunnel by a creature
  • illuminate the borrows
  • light coming through tunnels
  • glowing mushrooms
  • People walking in the city before climate change takeovers
  • River flowing imagery
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