360 Video cannot typically be edited or compressed using any video software as it contains metadata to inform players about the specifics of the 360 degree sphere format. When using an unsupported editor, they can strip out this metadata and flatten the video.

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Logan Libraries

As part of Login City Councils Our words our stories project for the 2019 United Nations International Year of Indigenous Languages, Wajin: The Guardian of Scrubby Creek is one of the local Indigenous stories that was translated into an exciting interactive viewing experience. The eBook is by Bev and Reginald (Uncle Reg) Knox, and is narrated by their daughter, Missy Knox. The interactive feature allows you to explore Scrubby Creek and its animals and plants.

The interactive experience was created using Unity, the Unity plugin Complete 360 Tour and a 360 camera. The package was exported as a WebGL project, and uploaded to their website, allowing anyone with an internet browser to immerse themselves within the story.


Build Error: AOT serializer was missing for type ‘UnityEngine.Vector2’

This can happen when using some libraries and components. You can force a recompile of all the libraries by going to File > Build Settings > Player Settings > Player > Publishing Settings; and changing the following settings to:

  • Enable Exceptions: None
  • Compression Format: Disabled
  • Debug Symbols: On

then performing a build. You can then revert it to the original settings:

  • Enable Exceptions: Explicitly Thrown Exceptions Only
  • Compression Format: Gzip
  • Debug Symbols: Off
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