Obstacle Drawing Course

Obstacle Drawing Course

Activity developed by Western Downs Libraries


Age group Year 3 to Year 7 (ages 8 to 12)
Method Individually
Participant to facilitator ratio 8:1
Duration 50 mins

Aim/Key Learning

Drive a Sphero along an obstacle course in one go.

  • Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Prediction skills

Preparation and Materials Required

  • Sphero and iPad (with the Sphero Drive app installed) per individual
  • Ensure that each Sphero is paired to an iPad and charged
  • Floor space of at least 4m x 4m
  • Obstacles such as witches hats
  • Materials to build ramps and walls such as cardboard and masking tape

Activity Steps

1. Setup

Time: 5-20 mins

If this step is to be done as a group, perform it after the Introduction step

Design the obstacle course either yourself or as a group as part of the activity. The time allocated will be dependant on the size of the course and if materials need to be constructed.

2. Introduction

Time: 10 mins
Introduce yourself, participants introduce themselves, cover any housekeeping. Cover basic group rules such as working together, being respectful and taking turns. Explain the aim of the workshop ('Today we are attempting to control a Sphero using the Sphero Drive app on the iPad to navigate through the obstacle course, in one go!').

Show the participants how to drive the Sphero and face the Sphero the right way.

3. Practice

Time: 10 mins
Distribute the Spheros and iPads and have the participants take turns in driving the Sphero around the obstacle course.

4. Go!

Time: 20 mins
Ask participants to place their Spheros at their feet and attempt to complete the obstacle course in one draw.

Explain that if they fail, they are to go and pick up the Sphero and try again.

5. Evaluation and Closing

Time: 5 mins
At the end of the session, ask for volunteers to share their learnings or how they found the session. Thank everyone for their participation and team work.

Loanable Kits

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Loanable Kits

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