Makedo is a versatile construction toolkit system designed to work with one of the cheapest and most easily accessible materials available, cardboard! Young creators can grab a Makedo toolkit and some spare cardboard, then get building. Through experimentation, trial and error, they learn and apply elements of critical thinking, problem-solving and STEM in fun and open-ended play.

Recommended Ages Year 2+ (ages 7+ / 4+ with adult guidance)
Product Cost $170-$190
Where to Purchase Makedo Kits can be purchased from Core Electronics Little Bird

Loanable Kits

State Library has kits of this item available for loan to libraries within the Regional Libraries Queensland and Indigenous Knowledge Centres network. Libraries can place a reservation through the Aurora catalogue (availability is subject to existing reservations, loans and associated return dates).

The kits are for use by patrons within the library only, as part of supervised library programming. They will not be listed in the public online catalogue for personal reservation.

Please contact Access Services, or phone 07 3842 9014 with any queries.


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