The '3Doodler Create' is a 3D printing pen, which allows anyone to start designing and creating in 3D.

It works something like a hot glue gun. Switch on the 3Doodler and allow it to preheat, then feed in a tube of plastic filament. The heated plastic extrudes as you draw and then dries and hardens within seconds, forming a permanent 3D sculpture. It’s that easy to start creating!

Recommended Ages Year 3 to Year 6 (ages 9 to 12)
Product Cost 3Doodler Starter Pack $200-$220
Additional Plastics Pack $20-$40
Where to Purchase Some Arts and Craft stores such as Eckersley's Art & Craft

Loanable Kits

State Library does not have kits of this item available for loan to libraries.



Tips from the Public Library of Mount Vernon and Knox County (USA)

Use Templates Whenever You Can

You can get templates from the hot tips section of the 3Doodler website

Buy Some Type of Mat

The 3Doodler actually sells a mat. You can also use a regular cutting mat that you purchase at your local craft store. The mat makes it easy to lift your project off when you are done.

Know Your Filament

There are 2 different types of filaments, ABS and PLA. 3Doodler has a good comparison chart to help you understand the differences.

The Tip of Your 3D Pen is Like a Soldering Iron

You can make little pieces and then solder them together using the tip of your 3D pen.

Be Patient! And Start Small!

Your first time creating with a 3D pen will not be a masterpiece. It takes a while to learn how to keep a steady hand, how best to manipulate the pen and filament, etc. Start with a smaller project and work your way up. It can take a really long time to make a complete project, patience is key.

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