Editing the Digital Literacy Wiki

Editing the Digital Literacy Wiki

When editing this wiki, please read the https://wiki.edgeqld.org.au/doku.php?id=facilities:slq_wiki:start and the https://wiki.edgeqld.org.au/doku.php?id=facilities:slq_wiki:wiki_style_guide

We also have a few guidelines when editing and creating pages within this wiki:


The Digital Literacy wiki is aimed at Librarian staff, educators and professionals. However please refrain from using high-level terminology that others may not understand that do not necessarily have experience in that device. Please keep guides and information general, constructive and informative.

Web Resources

Please limit websites used in this area to websites that are of a STEAM nature, high quality and contain multiple resources or if a single resource, is thorough and detailed.

Technology Resources

Resources listed here should be activities and/or workshops related to the device, written in the Digital Literacy Wiki Workshop Planner format. We also encourage other resources such as training materials or tidbits being included.

A brief description of the device is allowed to identify the item, also preferred is giving multiple options from where it can be purchased and a general cost price as this can change over time.

When adding a new device to this list, we would appreciate if editors could also link the device into the technology_matrix

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