SLQ Consent Form

SLQ Consent Form

I give consent to the Library Board of Queensland, its employees, agents or partners (‘State Library’), to use and retain my/my child’s (‘the Participant’):

  • Name, image or recording (‘Record’); and/or
  • Personal property (including artefacts) and/or copyright material (‘Material’)

I understand that:

By giving consent, State Library can use and retain my Record and/or Material for:

  • Public relations, promotion, advertising, reporting and planning, commercial activities;
  • Use by the media in relation to activities that show me in a positive way; and
  • Any additional activities identified in a Schedule accompanying this Consent Form.

My consent will continue until withdrawn in writing. If, at that time, State Library is using my Record or Material, or has contractual obligations in relation to my Record or Material, the consent will continue until the use or the obligations end.

‘Use’ includes:

  • to create, make copies of or reproduce or retain in any form; and
  • to distribute, publish or communicate publicly, privately or commercially in any form in whole or in part.

‘Retain’ means:

  • State Library may use the Record or Material unless I withdraw my consent;

State Library will not pay me for giving consent or for the use.

This Consent Form does not transfer ownership of copyright to State Library.

Nothing in this Consent Form limits the rights that the State Library has in relation to the Record or Material under any other law.

My consent is subject to the following conditions and/or limitations: (Please select any that apply)

Participant details
If the name of the Participant is used it should be:
Parent/Guardian details (If the Participant is under 18 years or has a guardian appointed)
Confirmation of Participant or Parent/Guardian, if applicable
Identifying outfit/features

Why am I filling in this form?

State Library values your privacy and we are asking for your consent before we use your personal information, including your photograph or copyright material, as part of our commitment to the Information Privacy Principles set out in the Information Privacy Act (2009). This Consent Form authorises State Library to use and retain your name, photograph, recording (“Record”) and any specified personal property or copyright material (“Material”) for the purposes outlined in the form, subject to any conditions/limitations you apply.

Conditions and limitations

The Consent Form allows you to place conditions and limitations on the State Library’s use of your Record and/or Material, for example:

  • Cultural conditions/limitations – for example, you may wish to remove an image for a period of time following the death of an individual or for a period of mourning or you may wish to limit the use of sacred or cultural material.
  • Other conditions/limitations – for example, you may not wish your photograph to be used for commercial purposes.

You can change or withdraw your consent in writing at any time. Changes however, will only apply from the date State Library receives your request. Any existing publications, productions, presentations or promotions that use your Record or Material will not be withdrawn from use. To change or withdraw consent in writing, contact:

State Library of Queensland Privacy Officer

State Library of Queensland

PO Box 3488, South Brisbane Qld 4101

t 61+ 07 3840 7780


Yes you do. By signing the Consent Form you do not give State Library ownership of copyright or other intellectual property rights in your material. You simply give State Library permission to use your material for the purposes mentioned in the Consent Form.

Privacy Act

The Queensland Government’s Information Privacy Act (2009) regulates how personal information is collected, stored, used, disclosed and amended by the public sector. You can obtain further information about your privacy rights, or access a copy of the Information Privacy Act 2009 on the Office of the Information Commissioner’s website at If you have any questions about privacy practices at the State Library, please email us on or phone +61(0)7 3840 7780.

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