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Look at the photos or think about your own library space. List the things that you can see in the photos (or at your library) that are used to create an inviting space for family programs. Contribute your thoughts to the discussion forum below. Please feel free to comment on or reply to any other contributions.


Isabella , 2022/05/19 12:12
We use donut cushions, board and picture books, sensory and interactive items to create a welcoming space.
Angela, 2022/05/18 13:42
Cushions, mat, sensory toys, books and songsheets
Sharynn Brigg, 2022/05/05 12:48
Cushions, mat, toys and books
Joanne Pope, 2022/03/29 14:57
In each photo there were cushions all placed so that when people arrive and sit down they face each other. All of the spaces are inviting and look comfortable.
In our library we use a smart board occasionally in our Rhyme time sessions, this enables the parents to see the words to the rhymes and the children recognize the pictures that are attached to the rhyme. eg. Humpty Dumpty, The egg sitting on the wall. We also have a mat that the parents and children are encouraged to sit around.
Sheree Ryan, 2022/03/29 09:53
Cushions, mats and comfortable seating for parents, also nice open spaces so that everyone is not squished up together
Sabina Ryan, 2022/03/28 10:13
The cushions are wonderful and so are the mats we also now in our new facility have some small bench like seats for parents to sit on as well as a window seat
Sharon, 2022/03/23 16:02
a cushion or mat for each participant creates an inclusive atmosphere. I like to use toys relating to the theme in the centre of the circle or sometimes on each cushion. I have related play items around the room with books on the theme.
Sally Berry, 2022/03/08 13:16
Cushions, mats, inviting toys,
Carolyn Beattie, 2022/02/09 12:25
Love the cushions!
Susan Cruickshank, 2022/02/17 15:43
Safe space - walls to contribute to activity are for carers and children to not to have run great distances; demarcated area by mats and cushions; colour and light to make welcoming and interesting - not home like for most part, but new and inviting for participants; space to move in/out/around in actions and entry/exit. Space to have materials/resources for program use. Easy clean too.
Cassie VonB, 2022/01/28 11:46
The cushions and mats have been provided to make caregivers comfortable while engaging in the program with their little ones. Books and toys at child's level also allow for them to easily reach and interact. Unfortunately, Covid has stopped us from allowing children and adults to play together and socialise at the end of sessions, but we still try to create a warm and welcoming environment with mats, books on each mat, along with a shaker to use for themselves which are then cleaned after each session. We have multiple staff in each session, smiling, answering questions, and joining in with the singing and reading.
Amanda Marten, 2022/01/25 10:24
There is enough room for everyone to move around and not be on top of each other. Pillows are always a big hit as they are very comfy and can also help everyone to sit in their own space when needed. Toys and other colourful items can be used for informal learning/fun. Pillows are also great if kids don't like to sit in one space and move around, you can pretend they are a tuffet during nursery rhymes or anything else that may go along with what you are doing in the session.
Antonia Mobbs, 2022/01/19 15:03
A defined space with blankets, mats, and cushions helps to make families feel comfortable in sessions.
Sharon Lee, 2022/01/19 09:54
Having toys and books spread out and available for children to play with and look through helps create an inviting space that encourages them to read and engage, especially if these relate to the theme of the session.
Otadan Evans , 2021/12/21 14:04
Pillows and seats to allow families to be more comfortable and not have to sit on the ground.
Colourful Sensory Tiles to entertain Kids and Parents alike before and throughout the program.
In the children's area to surround them with lovely books that the kids can pick out and bring back to there Parents or Carers
Large Bright Windows to give warm, soft natural Light
Corrin Miles , 2021/12/11 13:39
because of covid at the moment we use large mats and have the books on the mats ready for the children we have a friendly staff member waiting to greet them at the door and also at the front of the room engage with both child and family
Chris Pulford, 2021/12/08 15:56
The cushions on the floor in a circle is inviting and the storyteller has eye contact with her audience.
I do wonder if larger poof cushions could be used for pregnant mums or the grand parents?
Pam, 2021/12/02 12:06
I think they've tried to use mats and cushions to create a comfy place for parents, although they don't look very well cushioned to me. The mats do create a zone, which people where the activity will be happening, so parents know to come close and other know to stay away :).
I like that books have been put out, at baby level.
Bonnie Harrison, 2021/12/02 11:00
The cushions provide a sense of welcoming and help guide families on where to make themselves comfortable in the space. The colourful elements and props provide a sense of fun and pique curiosity.
Cathy Mckenzie, 2021/11/30 15:08
The mats and cushions all make it inviting to sit and participate. Toys and books scattered also entice and encourage exploration.
Peggy, 2021/11/24 12:19
A warm, soft inviting space with colourful mats and or cushions and a circular shape so that everybody feels included and can easily see the presenter and each other.
Pamela McGowan, 2021/12/07 11:44
I love the theme idea.
Robert Morgan, 2021/11/18 14:09
Simple layout, set in a circle, plenty of colour, places for the kids to sit, a nice, warm rug, books and a couple toys. We'd often try to keep the toys and books relevant to the "theme" of the session - for example, we might have a session based around Farms and Farmers, and then the toys would be farm-animal stuffed toys, books about sheep, pigs, cows, etc. and maybe a couple pre-prepared nursery rhymes
Fiona Thackray, 2021/11/17 10:55
The circular shape makes it an inclusive and inviting space. Cushions are welcoming and the colours appeal without overtaking the space or making it too busy.
Sandra Gherardi, 2021/11/09 10:36
Simple layout with cushions and books which looks colourful and inviting
Alan Duncan, 2021/11/02 14:34
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