Iconic Brisbane lampshades

Iconic Brisbane lampshades

Workshop presentation

The Iconic Brisbane Lampshades workshop has been created into a slide show for presentation and documentation purposes. Please feel free to download and use the guide and files as per our CC license in the footnote.

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Public view - Slides

Admin view - Slides

Design files

There are two base templates to choose from, a hexagon (6 sides) slimmer design or a square larger version.



[✓ mbrown1, 2023-07-12]07072023 - Files to be cut before confirming they are all good to go

4 Patterns to choose from;

[✓ mbrown1, 2023-07-12]Torbreck cut

[✓ mbrown1, 2023-07-15]Annexe to be cut

[✓ mbrown1, 2023-07-15]SGIO to be cut

[✓ mbrown1, 2023-07-15]Wickham as square to be cut

Coming soon

  • Mains Rd building Spring Hill (designed by Karl Langer and built in 1967 by Cyril Porter Hornick)

Design File Notes

Hexagonal Lamp design notes

  • Finger joint width - 15mm
  • Hole width - 15.3mm
  • Hole height - Set to material thickness, 4mm ply wood for this workshop so we have set our height to 4.3mm

We've allowed a 0.3mm kerf for the cutting thickness of laser and to slot pieces together tightly but without too much force (hopefully!). Sometimes this takes experimentation depending on material, as things can varying in slight widths and warp.

Square Lamp design notes

Using the online box making program https://www.festi.info/boxes.py/ClosedBox?language=en we can put in our dimensions and create a base design

Closed box settings

  • 280mm height
  • 125mm width and depth
  • 4mm material thickness

Finger joint settings (keep all the default except the below)

  • finger - 4
  • space - 4

We need to make the holes for our light fitting and top if you'd like an open top rather than closed.

Light fitting

As we are using the Ikea STRÅLA cord light fitting, we need to set the height of the centre piece lightbulb holder and also our hole piece for the middle part of our lamps.

The height from the base line (not finger joints) for the hole on each panel for our template files is;

  • 80mm

The diameter of the light hole;

  • 28mm

Video guides

Document properties and set up - Watch here

Downloading and combining our chosen templates - Watch here


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