Dr. Amelia Mycelia

Dr. Amelia Mycelia

Dr. Amelia Mycelia is an esteemed mushroom scientist who travelled from eastern Estonia after learning of sightings of the previously elusive species of Rainbow Enokki mushrooms from all over Queensland. She has since travelled from Bamaga to Coolangatta documenting and researching this species of mushroom before settling in Brisbane, where there seems to be an absurd amount of Rainbow Enokki.

Dr. Amelia Mycelia talks in an erratic manner, opting to use vampiric slang whenever she can. This desire may stem from a lifelong fear that she is always surrounded by vampire kind - believing that if she may blend in, they will leave her unharmed. Dr. Amelia Mycelia dresses in long black skirts and long black shirts, and a large black sunhat that has begun to fray at the edges; she has never been seen without her handy polaroid camera. She is unquestionably an eccentric character, and quite hard to get a hold of if you wish to interview her…

Here is a list of Dr. Amelia Mycelia's writings:

  • Tooth of the Devil: Ghoulish treat for The Vampiric Individual”. Estonian Fungi Field Guide. (pages 16-27).
  • The Vampiric Terror of Rainbow Enokki”. Untreats for the Undead. (pages 45-87).
  • BITE me! (but don't!)” Rainbow Enokki Field Guide. (pages 4-6).

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