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Key message 3: “It's never too early to start reading with your baby”.
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Angela, 2022/05/19 16:19
It's never too early to start reading with your baby!
Isabella , 2022/05/19 12:30
never too early or young to start reading with your child
Sharynn Brigg, 2022/05/05 13:11
Start reading to your child as soon as possible, they mightn't understand the story however they love the sound of your voice, they watch you take enjoyment from reading.
Sophie Piggott, 2022/03/29 14:08
The best way to get their brains going is to interact with your children with simple everyday activities.
It's the interactions with positive significant adult in the Childs life are the most valuable for brain development.
It's never to early to start reading even as a baby!
Sheree Ryan, 2022/03/29 09:59
There is no right or wrong age to start reading to your child
Sabina Ryan, 2022/03/28 10:27
There is no right or wrong age that you must read to your child, you can start as early as before they are born
Sally Berry, 2022/03/08 14:04
This one is very clear and simple - no change necessary
Cassie VonB, 2022/01/29 10:50
I would say the comment how it already is, but to change it up, you could say:

Babies can hear sound even when they're in the womb, it's never to early to start reading to them.
Amanda Marten, 2022/01/25 10:51
You can read to your baby from the time they are in your belly to the time they are ready to leave home. There is never a time when reading should stop.
Van, 2022/01/24 12:24
Start reading to your child whenever you feel ready to do so, it can even be before they are born.
Sharon Lee, 2022/01/19 10:33
There is no such thing as a child being too young to be read to!
Ciara C , 2022/01/05 14:32
even if baby can't read getting them used to how a book works i.e. the pages turning, that there's new things to see on each page is still a really fun experience
Kirsty Wilson, 2021/12/22 10:24
Read, Read, Read.......
It's never too early...
Their never to young...
So read and read and read with your little one.
Otadan Evans , 2021/12/21 14:32
You are the first voice they hear and they are listening, even if they don't understand they are listening and learning, so give them one of the best possible things to hear your voice telling a story.
Bonnie Harrison, 2021/12/13 11:48
Babies are constantly learning and taking in the world around them. It's never too early to start reading with your bub.
Corrin Miles , 2021/12/11 13:55
I wouldn't simplify this one.
Thomas Gath, 2021/12/06 16:34
The next best time to start any positive or beneficial behaviour is always right now!
Julie Guteridge, 2021/12/06 16:20
I recently gave a new mum one of the First 5 Forever book bags with books, Errol bath mitt, rhymes, rattle egg, etc. She was delighted until she got home and new dad said 'what is that for, he can't read yet'. She told him, 'he never will if we don't start right away'.
I encourage pregnant mums to read a picture book aloud sometimes. It is never too early!
Pam, 2021/12/02 12:30
Start 'em early, I say! Babies love to interact with you and it's amazing how much they pick up.
Karen Postle, 2021/12/01 14:31
I often tell the story when I had our first son 25 years ago and I went to the local library and the Librarian said I hope you are reading to him and I was stunned as he was only a couple of weeks old and from that day on I read to him and other son and they both continue to love books
Pamela McGowan, 2021/12/07 13:46
I love the 'It's never too late'. Research has shown that reading aloud to children up to their early teens reaps huge benefits.
Cathy Mckenzie, 2021/11/30 15:31
The sooner the better, but also it's never too late.
Peggy, 2021/11/29 15:55
Your baby will love to hear you read to them, no matter how young they are!
Bronnie Carnell, 2021/11/10 12:44
You can read to your baby from birth
Sandra Gherardi, 2021/11/09 10:54
I really like this and would find it very authentic to say just like it is
Lisa Paterson, 2021/11/16 15:18
I agree Sandra. It expresses the concept perfectly.
Robert Morgan, 2021/11/18 14:36
I'm with Lisa and Sandra, this is very succinct and already sounds very natural.

Though, if you were to press me for an answer, I would put it;

"There's no "Too early" when it comes to reading with your baby, the sooner the better!"
Alan Duncan, 2021/11/03 11:48
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