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Key Message 1: “Taking the time to interact with children through simple, everyday activities are the best ways to get brains firing”.
Rewrite this key message in YOUR own words as a message you would feel comfortable delivering to families. Please feel free to comment on or reply to any other contributions.


Isabella , 2022/05/19 12:28
Just by doing simple, everyday activities will all help your child in their learning experiences.
Sharynn Brigg, 2022/05/05 13:06
Simple everyday interacting is great for both carer and child and can be as simple as children handing the requested coloured peg to hang out the washing. singing when travelling in the car. Nursery rhymes anytime
Joanne Pope, 2022/03/29 15:16
When doing simple daily activities include your child and ask them questions eg. what colour is the bowl or how many potatoes do we have. Make a game of the activity or sing a rhyme wile doing the activity.

We talk to our children and babies on a daily basis so it is never to early to share a story.
Sheree Ryan, 2022/03/29 09:57
Engaging with your children through everyday activities helps get that brain firing
Sabina Ryan, 2022/03/28 10:23
Interacting with your child in everyday activities is the start of their learning and development
Sharon, 2022/03/23 16:42
Doing things together with your child everyday is a great way to help children learn.
toni, 2022/03/14 14:44
Sharing simple everyday activities with your child at home or out and about will get their brains firing away and help build solid early literacy foundations as they grow
Sally Berry, 2022/03/08 14:02
Doing simple, everyday activities with your child is one of the best ways for you to help your child lay the foundations for early literacy learning.
Cassie VonB, 2022/01/29 10:38
Simple interactions with your little one, early on, are important to help their growing minds. It doesn't have to be long or complex, just talking about what you are doing, or having a conversation with them, at their level, even reading your shopping list out to them while you're doing your groceries, helps them learn the basics they need to talk and read.
Amanda Marten, 2022/01/25 10:46
Involving your children in your day to day activities and taking the time to talk, explain, ask questions and even sing while doing these things will help your children to learn in a fun and effective way.
Ann Marie Shepherd, 2022/01/27 17:22
Take time to listen to your children and incorporate learning in almost everything you do. Whether it is taking them for a walk along the creek to view environment of cooking, playing in your home. Key message is listen to your children so you can extend and grow their learning.
van, 2022/01/24 12:22
Everyday activities and interactions with children from a very young age helps to engage and shape their minds.
Sharon Lee, 2022/01/19 10:26
Taking the time to interact with your children when you are going about your every day life is the best way to ignite their brain development. This can be as simple as describing what you are doing as you do it. Eg: "I'm going to open the door so we can go inside". "We are going to go up the escalator".
Ciara C , 2022/01/05 14:29
spending 2 mins, 30 seconds or whatever chance you have to take a moment to have a play with something i.e. counting the steps, hop on one foot into the library is the best way for brains to start making connections to things like shapes, actions, colours etc.
trina, 2022/01/11 14:26
Interacting with your child is a great way to help them learn, this can be as simple as pointing out the names of items in the supermarket or pointing out different colours spotted while on a walk.
Kirsty Wilson, 2021/12/22 10:20
When you interact with your child it ignites their brain fireworks to sparkle and shine. Displaying a celebration of brain growth and development.
Otadan Evans , 2021/12/21 14:24
Kids are observing and learning all the time so make sure you take a little time here and there to help them really understand the thing you do everyday.
Bonnie Harrison, 2021/12/13 11:43
Making time to interact with your little ones during day-to-day activities is the best way to support their brain development.
Corrin Miles , 2021/12/11 13:53
It doesn't matter how or what you read to your children. as long as you are talking it is healthy for a growing brain.
Jennifer Tzilves, 2021/12/11 10:19
Taking the time to interact daily with positive thinking adults is so valuable for their brain development.
As soon as baby is born, start reading. Never too early.
Thomas Gath, 2021/12/06 16:23
Interacting with your children on a regular basis, even just with simple, routine tasks, is a great way to encourage your child's development.
Julie Guteridge, 2021/12/06 16:09
It's so important to be interactive with the children from the beginning.
A few times, I come across a little one talking their own language. I love to have a simple conversation with them about whatever they are saying in easy words. "Your shoe? Yes, there is your shoe. Is it on your foot?" Somehow they seem to jabber all the more excitedly, "like wow, this lady is understanding me". Take every opportunity to engage. Turn it into a song is another tool that we use.
Pamela McGowan, 2021/12/07 13:38
I really like this response - modelling how to have a conversation even if we may not understand what is being said is so valuable in learning the conventions of speech.
Karem Villagran, 2021/12/02 16:59
I think playing is a simple way to learn new words. I usually play "kitchen" with my toddler. As I result he has learnt the words: apple, red, please and yummy.
Pam, 2021/12/02 12:26
Language and learning are everywhere! Talking about things as you're doing stuff at home or out and about works a treat - and it's so easy to do.
Peggy, 2021/11/29 15:50
Little eyes see everything we do, so interacting with our kids while we go about everyday tasks is a great way to get their brains ticking.
Karen Postle, 2021/12/01 14:26
You the Parents/Carers are there most important people to your little ones world. Little ones are like sponges and they love to watch you and try and mimic you.
Robert Morgan, 2021/11/18 14:30
When you interact with growing minds, it's a super important part of their development! It's super easy too; each day, activities like reading and playing help to get the neurons firing and really help build a great foundation for them to begin learning.
Lisa Paterson, 2021/11/16 15:10
It's the time we spend interacting with our little ones - while sharing simple, everyday activities - that are the best way to engage little brains.
Bronnie Carnell, 2021/11/10 12:42
Interacting with your children each day is highly valuable and you can always find words, colours and numbers within your daily life. Incorporating literacy concepts into your daily life helps your children learn and grow
Sandra Gherardi, 2021/11/09 10:53
Point out words when you are out and about. Simple ideas to help fire you little ones imagination
Alan Duncan, 2021/11/02 14:52
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Karem Villagran, 2021/12/02 16:57
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