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“Why do you think planning for a session is important? Contribute your thoughts to the discussion forum below. Please feel free to comment on or reply to any other contributions.


Donna Mead, 2022/05/19 14:14
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Isabella , 2022/05/19 12:00
Planning is important as it allows for you as the facilitator to know plan ahead of time how the session will run, what books and/or songs to sing and read and helps you feel more comfortable knowing what you will do and prepare for back up if needed.
Angela, 2022/05/18 13:28
Planning helps me to become familiar with the content which then adds to my confidence and calm when delivering a session.
A Emanuelli, 2022/05/10 20:51
To avoid chaos and panic
Sharynn Brigg, 2022/05/05 12:34
To ensure that you have the resources that you need on hand. To ensure that you cover all of the aspects that make first 5
Miriam Fejo, 2022/04/12 11:34
To ensure that you are prepared for the program. This will mean that you are confident and can provide a quality service. People may not attend again if facilitator isn's prepared.
bree, 2022/04/11 15:12
Planning helps the individual and team and allows flexibility to run the program smoothly, it also allows for adaptation if needed.
Joanne Pope, 2022/03/29 14:39
You have thought through your session before starting and you can adapt session quickly if necessary. It also good to have a reminder of the order you are presenting your session especially if you have only just started the sessions.
Sheree Ryan, 2022/03/29 09:50
It is important to plan for a session so that everything is organized and runs smoothly
Sabina Ryan, 2022/03/28 10:03
Planning for a session is important as it gives you the time to prepare your session and have everything on hand
Sharon, 2022/03/23 15:36
Planning gives you direction and purpose, reminding you what to include in a well rounded session. You can keep the plans so you have a record of the themes and First 5 Forever messages you have used. It also makes it easy if another staff member needs to take the session at the last minute.
Sue, 2022/03/18 14:02
Planning allows you to run sessions that are well run, include all the elements of the first5 forever messages and respond to the needs of your local families and community.
Leanne , 2022/03/15 16:39
Planning allows for a well run session
Toni, 2022/03/14 13:46
Planning allows you to be organised with resources and focus on key messages you'd like to use during the session. It allows the opportunity to share and plan with other team members to provide a range of sessions or have a handy session plan ready for last minute filling in.
Sally Berry, 2022/03/08 13:04
Planning helps you focus on areas you want to address, it helps you to prepare mentally and deliver a well thought out session.
Carolyn Beattie, 2022/02/09 12:02
Planning ensures a well run session
Susan Cruickshank, 2022/02/17 15:27
Definitely ensures a checklist of materials is gathered, the sequence of activities flows, room is prepared, and session runs to time to promote participant confidence in the library program while allowing participation spontaneity to a degree.
Chloe Riggs, 2022/02/08 11:52
Planning is important so that you are able feel prepared and informed to then confidently deliver the program at a professional level. When i present a well planned session it allows me to relax and be more flexible.
Cassie VonB, 2022/01/28 10:36
Planning is a great way to help you deliver a well thought out program, and gives you confidence to facilitate it.
Amanda Marten, 2022/01/25 10:08
Planning is needed so that we can find appropriate resources (books, toys, activities) that we can use during this time effectively. It also allows each session to be run in the same way so that children and parents know what to expect. It helps me know what I am supposed to be doing and helps to promote the best messages and experiences from our first5forever program. It also helps as a backup if the sessions tend to go in their own direction (which is always great).
Ann Marie Shepherd, 2022/01/27 16:59
Planning is key. You need to be prepared, have clear guidelines for your session and understand how the session is going to be delivered so it brings maximum engagement to both children and parents.
Ann Marie Shepherd, 2022/01/27 17:02
Chaos v a well delivered program/s.
Van, 2022/01/24 11:16
Planning your sessions helps you to create an engaging and enjoyable session for both adults and children. You can adapt different session to continue with popular themes and ideas or change them up to better engage with your audience.
Sheridan, 2022/01/21 16:04
Planning allows staff to organize their materials ahead of time, will make them comfortable with the content they're delivering and produce a better quality session. It also means if there are any last minute changes, another staff can step in seamlessly without lessening the quality of the program.
Sharon Lee, 2022/01/19 09:42
Planning allows you to ensure you deliver key messages confidently. You will be more engaging if you know the stories you are reading well.
Antonia Mobbs, 2022/01/14 13:00
Planning your session allows you to confidently deliver the program. Your audience will be more engaged and it's easier to be flexible.
GERARDINE LAAN NEWELL, 2022/01/11 15:48
The scheduled program will be delivered far more professionally and at a manageable level
Ciara C , 2022/01/05 14:25
to feel prepared and ready to respond to the families
trina, 2022/01/11 14:15
So you know what you are doing.
Kirsty Wilson, 2021/12/22 09:44
Planning assists in developing programs that are relevant, flexible and engaging. Planning gives direction and allows for elements of incidental learning to be included.
Otadan Evans , 2021/12/21 13:44
Planning gives us a guide we can follow to ensure we don't get to far of topic or loose our way.
Nicole Hunt, 2021/12/20 09:39
Planning is essential to ensure you have positive outcomes and meet your objectives.
Corrin Miles , 2021/12/11 13:26
I believe that planning for a session is important because it lets the program run smoothly and allows you to ensure you get get across all the key messages to the families.
Jennifer Tzilves, 2021/12/11 09:35
Forward planning in everyday life is important and this is no different.
It gives you direction, flexibility and keeps you on track to provide the best for the littlies.
Once I have made my plan, I can relax with confidence and look forward to the sessions.
Antonia Mobbs, 2021/12/10 16:23
Planning is important to ensure you have confidence in your session and the ability to stay flexible when needed.
Laura Ellul, 2021/12/07 14:17
Planning is important to give the session meaning.
Pamela McGowan, 2021/12/07 11:33
If you aim for nothing, you'll hit it.

Important to know the why we do something so the what, how and when can be developed.
Thomas Gath, 2021/12/06 15:48
Planning sessions helps effectively create sessions that align with the core goals of First 5 Forever for the intended audience. Planning may also help you keep a record of themes covered, which could make planning for future sessions easier and more effective too
Pam, 2021/12/02 11:51
It's important to plan any public programme, so you don't stumble and stammer through the entire thing! Planning storytime sessions can help you make sure you don't miss anything, like having books and crafts that are suitable for the age group, or having supplies and props on hand.
Claudia Honnery, 2021/12/02 09:43
Bonnie Harrison, 2021/12/01 11:17
Planning your sessions helps you to make them as effective, engaging and enjoyable as possible. It encourages you to have a clear focus or theme for the session that aligns with key messages and aims of First 5 Forever. Planning also provides an opportunity to consider how you might adapt sessions depending on your attendees on the day.
Karen Postle, 2021/12/01 14:02
To have a guide to look to when delivering First 5 sessions ensuring the storytime runs smoothly. It also provides confidence to the person delivering
Leanne Riddle, 2021/11/30 16:33
Planning programs allows you to build an understanding of how important it is to support families and children and engage them in all activities through First 5 sessions. It's also a great way to involve children and focus on particular areas which capture the interest of little ones.
Cathy Mckenzie, 2021/11/30 14:54
Planning helps you make sure you have all that you need for the session, stay on message and deliver a well thought out program.
Jacqui Hayward, 2021/11/29 13:44
To get your thoughts and ideas done so that you can get an overall view of what you are planning to ensure it is fluid, relevant, and engaging. To ensure you messaging is clear and delivered naturally.
Leanne Donnelly, 2021/11/29 08:35
Keep a record of what you have covered. Ensure all areas are addressed and a good variety of books are used
Peggy, 2021/11/24 12:03
Planning is a great way to make sure you deliver a well thought out program that appeals to your audience and conveys all the important information.
Robert Morgan, 2021/11/18 13:53
Planning is important as it allows you to be able to organise an effective, entertaining and educational program for the kids. It allows you to make sure all the guidelines and directives are being followed, and it helps you to present a polished program, in order to keep the young ones engaged and to keep the parents focussed.
Fiona Thackray, 2021/11/17 10:16
Planning allows you to create sessions with a particular focus and encourages variety of content. I also plan follow up or extra activities so i can be flexible to meet the needs of the children/families at the session.
Lisa, 2021/11/16 14:44
Planning provides a focus and a direction for the program. Although flexibility is key, a successful program will start out with a specific aim.
Julie Guteridge, 2021/11/12 13:00
Planning is important to our program so that you can work the books that will read together with a message and an activity. It is important to read the books through so you don't come across any surprise twists in the story that may not be appropriate to share with your young audience.
Bronnie, 2021/11/10 12:24
Planning allows to to ensure that you cover everything you need to, and that the messages sent to the parents are consistent and comply with F5F guidelines
Sandra Gherardi, 2021/11/09 10:21
Planning allows you to have a framework to run sessions off and gives you the scope and knowledge to adjust if required
Liam, 2021/11/04 15:23
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Georgina Crowe, 2021/11/03 14:15
Planning helps you be specific about what you want to deliver
Alan Duncan, 2021/11/03 10:39
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Alan Duncan, 2021/11/02 14:24
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