RULES 2019

RULES 2019

On this page you will find the changes made by our mentors and judges to the Into Orbit challenge issued by the First Lego League.

Please direct further questions to the Q&A page.

Rule Changes 19/07/2019

Royce and I went over the rules for the Lego Robotics challenges and we adjusted some slightly to make them clearer. If you have any questions or find any inconsistencies please let us know so we can clear them up.

Please watch the following video first and make sure to watch this video with your group when deciding on challenges:


CH01 Challenge guide p. 22, Play, R10: Cross out the original rule and substitute: “While the EV3 robot is fully in base you can reset challenges to their original set-up state on the table, unless they have been partially or fully completed.”

CH02 Challenge Updates U08 – Crater Crossing #2: Remove the sentence: “The Gate must be flattened by the end of the Match, but how and when that happens doesn’t matter.”

Challenge Guide p.25, Missions, M04 – Crater Crossing: Under Simply Speaking add the following: “The Robot or whatever agent-craft it sends out needs to cross the Craters Model completely, by driving directly over it” flattening the gate. “Not near it. Not around it.”

CH03 Challenge Updates U05 – Fragile Satellites: Cross out the entire change. Satellites have to be built and rebuilt exactly to building instructions without modifications.

Clarifications Challenge guide p.24, Missions, M01 – Space Travel: The attached YouTube video explains this challenge in detail. The video shows that it is allowed to put the cart down on the first white panel. Mission instructions: “As long as the cart clearly rolls Independently past the first track connection”, you are fine.

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