Expectations on Parents and Participants

Expectations on Parents and Participants

Each team is limited to six (6) members, this has been brought down from ten (10) due to issues in previous years. For example, Mentors could not give each child their attention and this lead to participants being not engaged and loosing interest.

Standards for behavior have been formulated to encourage the right working atmosphere from the start of the program. This led to better working relationships between participants, parents, mentors and staff members.

Expectations for Participants

  • Miss no more than two sessions
  • Adhere to core values
  • Punctuality - if unable to attend contact library staff
  • Listen to and follow instructions given by mentors and library staff
  • Respect the library space and material as well as listen to mentors, staff and team members
  • No fighting
  • No swearing
  • Misconduct, you may be asked to step aside for a break or from the program
  • Don't be afraid to ask, but do not interrupt

Expression of Interest form for members.

Expectations for Parents

  • Children's Policy
  • Punctuality
  • Siblings are not catered to, parents need to supervise at all times
  • Emotional support for team members:
    • Parents will be required to assist during the session with practical behavior, team communication and encouragement (focus)
    • If at any point you feel your child has issues please encourage your child to ask for help
    • Library Staff and mentors are facilitating the program, please respect decisions made
    • Talk about how the program is free, the material is provided, members of the public are volunteering their time to spend with their children
    • Explanation around achievement expectations in the ten week program and the Tech Fest > Showcase not competition
  • Tech Fest attendance in Dysart is encouraged

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