One Eye

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One Eye

This is the story of how the One Eye came to life!


Original Well submission here!

This is a thing imagined by Mohammad, aged 11, on Tuesday May 11

The full name of this thing is: One Eye

It can be found in: Asia, Hong Kong

It is known that: One eye was in my imagination destroying a city destroying the buildings with a laser beam coming out of his eyes, missiles exploding from his leg

The original sculpture of One Eye:

A recording One Eye can be found here:


The Design Journey: The process for QCA Design students was to do a solo exploration of the Imagined Things in the well, select a favourite and then create a design pitch and scale model to present to their peers. Pitches were then voted on and One Eye was selected as the Imagined thing to fabricate! Students then split into groups to design and fabricate in sections. Students used digital design tools, such as SolidWorks, Sketch Up and AutoCAD to 3D model and design One Eye and the Cityscape.

The Fabrication Journey: students worked independently to fabricate One Eye and the Cityscape. A combination of fabrication methods were used including the beam method as well as hand, CNC and Laser cutting and assembly. There was lots of communication between the groups to ensure the scale and finish was consistent and that the pieces of One Eye would fit together on assembly.


Griffith University’s QCA Design students- Gold Coast

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