OH&S Basics and Handtools Induction Slideshow

The Edge

The Edge at the State Library of Queensland empowers creative experimentation across art, science, technology and enterprise for all of Queensland. This is achieved through providing access to resources – online/offline/human – and facilitating opportunities to engage with public programs that build communities of interest and practise.

Fabrication Lab

Edge’s Fabrication Lab is an open access community makerspace with equipment and tools available to anyone with a creative idea. If you have a hobby, project, assignment or an idea for a business that requires specialist tools like a laser cutter, soldering station, 3D printer, sewing machine or CNC Routers, The Edge’s Fabrication Lab can help.

Safe, Welcoming and Productive Space

The State Library of Queensland is committed to providing

  • a safe place
  • a welcoming place
  • a respectful place, where needs and interests can be pursued freely
  • where people show due regard to the needs, sensitivities and rights of others.

Occupational Health and Safety Law in Australia requires that employers, employees and other people have a duty of care to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone in a work space. Here at The Edge this means

  • The State Library has responsibility to ensure the space is a safe workplace for staff and patrons,
  • Staff have a responsibility to ensure policy and procedures are developed and followed by everyone in the space and
  • Fabrication Lab Users have a responsibility to follow procedures and report any safety concerns, breakages, injuries or near misses to staff.

Key Safety Principles and Procedures

  • Wear the right safety gear - its there for your protection.
  • Correctly use the right tool for the job -Most injuries come from misusing tools.
  • Clean up as you go - accidents happen in untidy spaces.
  • Always wear appropriate clothing and covered footwear -you don't want you clothes to get caught up in machinery and appropriate footwear protects your feet and help prevent slips and trips.
  • No kids under 12 - There is hazardous equipment & substance used in the Fabrication Lab.
  • Ask questions if you have any doubts - its easy to ask and you could prevent an injury.
  • Follow the procedures and the directions of staff.

Fabrication Lab Supervisor

One of the most important safety measures we have in The Edge Fabrication Lab is that we have a member of staff, The Fab Lab Supervisor, rostered on whenever the Fabrication Lab is open to the public.

The Fab Lab Supervisor

  • Ensures everyone's safety and wellbeing are protected.
  • Makes sure everyone feels welcome and that the space is a productive environment.
  • Assist commumnity to engage with the resources and programs.
  • Ensures resource and the space are cared for.
  • Can connect community with information and networks.
  • is in charge in the case of an emergency.

Hand Tools Induction

Before anybody picks up a knife, handles a hot glue gun, engages a screwdriver or any other hand tool for that matter, we want… we need to be confident that people know what they are doing and are going to be safe in our space. The Edge is working towards everybody who enters the Fabrication Lab (except if your on one of our regular tours) completing this basic hand tools induction. It doesn't matter if you've been working with tools all of your life or have never actually used a screwdriver by the end of this short session we can be confident you know the basics of how to use these tools and what safety concerns you should be mindful of when using hand tools.

Safety Tips for Hand Tools

  • Only use tools and equipment that you have successfully completed an Edge induction for.
  • Use the right tool for the job.
  • Take it off, Tie it back or Tuck it in.
  • Keep the work space tidy.
  • Watch out for hot tools. you dont want to burn yourself or start a fire
  • Clamp or secure your work before you apply a force
  • Wear the right safety gear.
  • Only use tools you have done the induction for.
  • Check the tag and if it looks safe to use.
  • If you are starting to feel frustrated take a break.

Now lets get hands-on and Make a badge. handtoolsinduct_prac_exercise

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