ARCHIVED: Handtools Induction

ARCHIVED: Handtools Induction

Redevelopment Feb 2018

In Feb 2018 the Hand tools induction was separated from the soldering induction and was redeveloped as a minimum standard OH&S induction in the Fabrication Lab. The Concept was that any person entering the Fabrication Lab ( who is not just visiting ) will complete this 10 min induction before checking in for the first time. Without this handtools induction you can't even pick up a screwdriver or craft knife. Other aims connected to this redevelopment were to enable us to

  • safely and quickly engage newcomers to the fab lab whether as an individual or in a group/workshop context.
  • to quickly give newcomers a sense of membership/ownership of the resources and to encourage return visitation - now that they are officiallyinducted.
  • As per all Edge workshops participants leave with a takeaway.
  • The email confirming newly inducted participants is an opportunity for promotion of Fab Lab and other resources.

This new induction process can be broken into 4 sections

  1. Applying for an Edge booking account.
  2. Induction Slideshow
  3. Induction Assessment
  4. Induction practical activity

1. Apply for an Edge booking account

participants fill out booking account form on pc or ipads

2. Handtools induction Slideshow

Participants click through a slideshow detailing

  1. their responsibilities in the space
  2. the types of hand tools the Edge has
  3. the safety tips associated with each of these types of tools

The Edge OH&S Basics and Handtools Induction Slideshow

3. Induction assessment

Participants fill out (paper form) / click thru (gamified digital) assessment to demonstrate competency.

4. Induction practical exercise

Participants use a range of handtools in the The Edge fablab to assemble a badge. See workshop instruction

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