Custom Display Case

Custom Display Case

This is a case requested by SAlly McHugh to display the icons designed by Talia Yat for the short courses run at The Edge to display at the BrisMakerfest. The case was designed by Andrei Maberley, assembled and painted by Sally McHugh and Talia Yat.


Intended to display the laser-cut and hand-painted icons on a coloured card background bordered with white archiveboard.

The plan was to cut a variation of the tabbed box on the CNC in 4mm ply to house all twenty panels in one case. After looking at the lead-time to modify existing designs for CNC machining we decided to make smaller frames on the lasercutter for quicker turn around.


A version was made using 2mm ply and pizza box cardboard to test the concept.

Build Instructions

These instructions cover using the files provided to;

  • make existing design at The Edge (In-House),

They can be amended to include:

  • Modify the design to suite other materials or sizes (Custom)
  • make the existing design using another facility (External)



Per frame.

  • 2 sheets 4mm A3 ply
  • 2 sheets A4 coloured paper (90gsm)
  • 1 Sheet archive board or similiar

Tools and Equipment

  • Lasercutter
  • PVA glue
  • Spray-paint

To build the current version of the frame there is no need to edit the Fusion360 file, the existing Corel Draw files can be used on the Laser Cutter in The Edge at SLQ.


  • Download thezip archive.
  • Book some time of the laser cutter (if you need to do an induction you can find the latest announcements here)
  • Purchase required two sheets of 4mm A3 ply for the laser cutter when you are in the Fabrication Lab.
  • Cut the frame back,front and sides from ply from file Display_Case_For_Icons.cdr using The Edge standard settings.
  • Cut the backing-board from file Display_Case_For_Icons.cdr using the appropriate setting for the material.
  • Cut the coloured squares from file coloured_card_backing.cdr. (you can cut a few pieces at the same time)
  • Assemble the case back and sides using PVA gle
  • Paint the box and front if required (Remember to mask off the inside of the case)
  • Fit coloured paper and backing
  • Attach front panel to box with PVA

Design Files

A zip archive containing the Fusion360 model, DXF output, corel files and the above PNG.

The original icons created by Talia.

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