Speedy 300 Laser Cutter Techniques

How to deep etch and shallow etch same item

First way

Stub: greyscale bitmap

Second way

If you wish to you can run several passes of an etch to make a very deep cut, then you can run another (shallower) etch on top of/around it. We use this technique to make the captured nut slot for the general induction activity.

1. To do so you will need to set up your file as normal in Corel, except that where you want the deep etch make it a new colour, e.g teal example.

2. When you print from corel, select preferences>favourites and double click default to set up most of the profile as normal.

3. But then open the preferences again and go to the print tab, and under process options change the halftone setting to color. Then hit the JC button at the bottom to close that window

4. Hit apply, then print to open Job Control. This will import the file and recognize the teal engrave (else it will just appear grey when using just the defaults which is not what we want).

5. Now in Job Control, set up the first cut, which is just a teal engrave. Set all other colours to skip. You may also wish to slow the speed down for the teal engrave so it engraves deeply, else you can several cuts at full speed to deep etch it.

6. Once you have completed your deep etch to your desired depth, turn off the teal, and turn on the rest of the colours to complete your item.

How to make sure a cut will fit on a scrap

Stub: (trace contour with laser when connected)

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