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This workshop was facilitated by: Mick Byrne
Name of any other State Library staff present: Sarah Winter
Workshop Date: 2021-09-15
Workshop Location: Machine Shop
How many Designed Things were sent into The Well? 0
Notes regarding Designed Thing Submission
List the Imagined Things number or name that was used as inspiration:
What did you think was successful about the workshop?

* checked in

* shared the digital mockups that Josie and Monique made,

* took a look at the concept of Ganttish Charts for breaking down the fabrication process. Explained how I use my own version of gantt charts to | a-Break a project down into sub assemblies and individual tasks, how down into. b-Schedule/rescope/rebudget the work to occur to meet milestones within the time/Quality/budget triangle c-Plan around available labour and staff workloads d-Identify scheduling dependencies e-Provide an easy to read updatable method communicate this / tracking progress

* and then finished up with a quick share and checkout

Session Agenda

1. Model box completed the 1:10 scale model of the space we are working with. Also started building out a model the rigging in the ceiling. Will also create some 1:10 scale people for scale

2. Giant Mushrooms

3. Bulk little mushrooms

4. Writing

5. Networking the nodes


^What did you learn about the workshop?|a |

Can you share any ideas for future implementation?@@Can you share any ideas for future implementation@@
Are there any immediate actions arising from this workshop?@@Are there any immediate actions arising from this workshop?
Can you share any memorable moments or quotes from participants?a
What was/were your favourite Designed Thing/s from the workshop?a
Did you capture any images, audio or video to share from the workshop?

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