Form Information

This workshop was facilitated by: Michelle
Name of any other State Library staff present: Owen (QUT)
Workshop Date:2021-09-15
Workshop Location:Online
How many Designed Things were sent into The Well?0
Notes regarding Designed Thing SubmissionStill in progress of designed things
List the Imagined Things number or name that was used as inspiration:69 The Great Darkness
What did you think was successful about the workshop?Getting the students to decide on direction for their concept, they did it very well.
What did you learn about the workshop?Doing these online always come with some issues, hearing the young people speak up plus not being there to help with the creative process.
Can you share any ideas for future implementation?Nothing specific, doing these online aren't not ideal and we had a lot of downtime but still worked ok
Are there any immediate actions arising from this workshop?Follow up on permission forms
Can you share any memorable moments or quotes from participants?The enthusiasm for The Great Darkness Imagined Thing, even when we tried to steer them back to other ITs that may have seemed more relevant to their concept, they are very passionate about it being their one.
What was/were your favourite Designed Thing/s from the workshop?So far all of the ideas are going in similar directions which is great so no favs.
Did you capture any images, audio or video to share from the workshop?

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