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This workshop was facilitated by: Mick Byrne
Name of any other State Library staff present: na
Workshop Date:2021-09-02
Workshop Location:Machine Shop
How many Designed Things were sent into The Well?0
Notes regarding Designed Thing SubmissionIn this session participants were introduced to the Fabrication Lab and came up with designs for different components of the Dragon head. We started the session by showing participants the straw maquette that i had developed and how i had used this to make a full size frame for the head. Participants were then broken into teams again to start creating ful size models for the components they had planned the week before.
List the Imagined Things number or name that was used as inspiration:
What did you think was successful about the workshop?While we didn't have a great deal of time (after getting from school to the edge, and then doing a tour of the building before starting work for the week) participants were pretty productive and seemed to have a good time. Participants seemed genuinely happy to see how their ideas and designs had manifested in the frame for the skull and this inspired them to continue developing the other features.
What did you learn about the workshop?its inspiring to see your ideas come to life
Can you share any ideas for future implementation?
Are there any immediate actions arising from this workshop?
Can you share any memorable moments or quotes from participants?
What was/were your favourite Designed Thing/s from the workshop?In hind site the design of the scale and spines will make this sculpture. the scale is a simple, easy to mass produce component but creates an awesome skin texture. the spines are also simple but will also create a great visual impact in repetition. while prep on these feels a little loke a significant labour load the repetitive work does provide a simple way for individuals to make a visible contribution.
Did you capture any images, audio or video to share from the workshop?

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