Form Information

This workshop was facilitated by: Mick
Name of any other State Library staff present: na
Workshop Date: 2021-08-28
Workshop Location: clean Lab
How many Designed Things were sent into The Well? 1
Notes regarding Designed Thing Submission Participants created a dead specimen of the Noname
List the Imagined Things number or name that was used as inspiration: Rocu thing and No Name thing
What did you think was successful about the workshop?

* How big Noname will be

  • what he will look like on the outside
  • how we will try to achieve this look using cardboard and paper textures
  • how he will be posed to communicate his state of mind and to create visual impact.
  • what set dressing could accompany the sculpture
  • how we will proceed in the coming weeks |

^What did you learn about the workshop?|Participants are keen to make but also relieved that there will be some assistance completing the sculpture |

Can you share any ideas for future implementation? we tried to make an articulated model of the figure for posing but ended up with the participants posing me…. on the table.
Are there any immediate actions arising from this workshop?The plan going ahead is for us staff to build a stand and head structure and participants will commence skinning ,styling, adding detail to the head next week. It may also be useful to build a temporary frame for the other parts of the sculpture to see the size proportions of the beaste
Can you share any memorable moments or quotes from participants? it was nice to see new people being welcomed to the group and relativity quickly joining in
What was/were your favourite Designed Thing/s from the workshop?the effect to make the beard is interesting.
Did you capture any images, audio or video to share from the workshop?

Posing our beaste

We started by discussing the state of mind of the beaste


but the easiest way to workout how to pose our beaste was for one of us (me) to allow the group to a body.


we created Specimen Maquette (like a biologists sample preserved in jar)


and then moved onto what cardboard and paper effects were appropriate to represent our beast


is an appropriate short hair / skin (like horses have) and crunched up strips of corrugation might be good for the matted beard.



We also went thru and scaled the sculpture in reference to our square beams


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