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Cardboard Relief

Our Pinterest Board for the wall relief - Wall Relief Ideas

You can find more about the concept here - Relief Projection Wall



Session 1

In our first session with the BSSSC crew, we developed some concept ideas which were inspired by multiple Imagined Things. Some of the concept drawings and inspiration shared below.

The 3 main group themes from the first session were:

  • Group 1: a forest with Hybrids
  • Group 2: Forest and River, a summoning place
  • Group 3: Labyrinth, giant house or map

Session 2

In this session we fine tuned the conceptual ideas to focus on the idea that our wall relief will consist of an above ground and a below ground. The below ground will feature maze/labyrinth like tunnels, some organic and some man-made.

Some of the concept drawings from the first part of the session below;

After we went through these new concepts we decided as a group to focus on an above ground city and below ground tunnels/maze idea, basic quick sketch shown below. Students were then asked to work on making some of these concepts with paper and card they had available in the class room to think about layering and design.

Projection Theme Ideas

  • Civilization is deteriorating due to climate change
  • Creatures taking back over
  • creatures coming up and out from the underground maze,
  • passing of time (sun/day/night) - less lights on in house, more plants growing over the buildings
  • small creatures running around
  • plants and flowers, mushroom growing out
  • could show digging of tunnel a tunnel by a creature
  • illuminate the borrows
  • light coming through tunnels
  • glowing mushrooms - black light ideas
  • People walking in the city before climate change takeovers

Imagined Thing

We narrowed down with the group that they are still taking inspiration from #69 The Great Darkness, one of their early group concepts, but also #9 Rabbit Hole is a similar concept to where they have landed.

Session 3

The group worked with Rozina to discuss textures and more narrative ideas, finalising the fabrication design brief.

Session 4

The group worked on making 3d shapes using cardboard to create some building designs that could also be shown to fabricators.

We then worked on storyboarding and getting more idea of how the animation might loop to create the story.

Their main ideas

  • For the start of the animation to show the sun rising, humans walking through the cityscape. Trains running.
  • The next stage would show the nuclear power plant start to emit green smoke that takes over the entire city (potentially below ground)
  • The smoke dissipates and glowing (green) mushrooms start to grow (in the tunnels firstly)
  • Creatures come out and eat the glowing mushrooms (maybe they start to glow too)
  • Plants and more mushrooms grow, taking over the city, creatures come up into the city too
  • Humans start to appear again, the sun starts to set
  • Loop back to start!

Facilitator Section

Please add your session plans, inspiration and tasks to support students.

Please make sure to fill in a refection form at the end of the workshop if you are facilitating:

Facilitator Form

Facilitator Session Plans

Facilitator Workshop Reports

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