Idea sharing - Health literacy in library programming.

Could you incorporate My Health Record and wider health literacy into your existing library programming? if so, how might you do it? Contribute 2-3 ideas to the discussion forum below. Please feel free to comment on or reply to any other contributions.


Barbara, 2022/11/22 10:41
Rodolfo, 2022/11/21 04:52
Parker, 2022/11/20 08:15
Joseph, 2022/11/17 13:17
Phyllis, 2022/11/14 17:14
Katina, 2022/11/14 03:11
Nicholas, 2022/11/02 19:34
Diane Johnston, 2022/01/01 22:35
I think that it would be great to offer several small group information sessions (PCs on) as introductions to the My Health Record, and then follow up with booked individual times as needed. Perhaps, the small group information sessions could be held twice a year (every six months) to offer assistance to a wider number of people in the community and to cover changes or updates to My Health Record.
Danelle, 2021/11/18 14:36
I like the idea of the Words for Wellness flyers - they may reach those that do not come into the library or access library services.
Offering one on one sessions to learn how to access and/or create a My Health Record.
Belinda , 2022/01/01 13:02
I think a general interest session overview available to a small to medium group with individual followup would work best in our organisation.
Wendy, 2021/10/31 17:58
One-on-one and group IT training would be a good space to include sessions on My Health Record, perhaps as part of 'Positive Ageing' and in Outreach programs.
Penny, 2021/10/14 19:11
We could promote the My Health Record by providing a Digital Health session separate to our existing tech sessions for seniors and adults. During the Seniors Week month, we could run sessions on how to set up a MyGov account, My Health Record, Medicare, Centrelink. As we are using the Be Connected portal for our sessions, we could go through the MyGov module and other linked services for the digital health literacy. These health sessions could be run as one-on-one sessions or in a group of 4 or 5.
Suzanne M, 2021/10/13 15:30
Am feeling inspired to add My Health Record training to our digital trainings, probably one on one or small groups with the simulator if there is still access when we run them. Words for wellbeing are also a great idea and I will have to see about getting recommendations from local health care providers for resources.
Penny, 2021/10/14 18:09
• Introduce the Digital Health Literacy while running our regular Tech training sessions and provide the My Health Record training session on separate
• Also provide a My Health Record session during Seniors week.
Penny, 2021/10/14 18:12
• Introduce the Digital Health Literacy while running our regular Tech training sessions and provide the My Health Record training session on separate days.
• Also provide a My Health Record session during Seniors week.
Amanda, 2021/09/10 19:07
We will run one-on-one Digital Health Training sessions
john, 2021/09/21 17:03
One on one sessions also have the potential to expose customers to other digital services offered by the library. You may have people who are not aware of the rich diversity of digital services your library can offer them. One on ones can be the opening of the gate to enter your library.
Stephan , 2021/09/09 17:20
It is something we could incorporate and offer a service in teaching customers how to use this when visiting the Library.
Jen, 2021/08/04 12:06
So many good ideas in this forum! I liked having MyHealth sessions available through our standard library tech training or Be Connected/Tech Savvy Seniors (if we can address privacy issues) and also having flyers up near the WfW stock. Ideally, we'd tie this in as an aspect of literacy in our modern world, such as using cloud and online services to manage our digital footprint.
Kath Y, 2021/10/07 11:23
That is a great idea of running it as a 'special' session during Seniors Week. I think it would lead to more people being aware that it was available.
Sharon Williams, 2021/07/22 15:34
It would be very beneficial to provide a 'Digital Health Literacy' session during Seniors Week or as part of ongoing Digital Technology sessions.
Sarah H, 2021/06/30 16:41
Sam's idea about a generic login for library staff for learning group sessions can be done is a really good idea!

I am doing small sessions soon at the public library I work in for seniors and technology use. I think it could be really helpful to have one on one sessions similar to these (people bring in their devices and I help them with the problems they present to me) but specifically designed for my health record. So rather than a teaching session, a session where existing users ask for help with specific things. It could be a carry on from general teaching sessions.
Emily, 2021/06/30 16:36
A lot of really great suggestions here. I think perhaps a dedicated talk during Get Online Week or Library and Information Week, with a morning tea provided, and staff with iPads or laptops available to answer specific questions afterwards could be really effective. Brochures with links to the My Health Record Youtube etc. could be available to take away for anyone who feels a bit shy about asking their question in the library. These people could be encouraged to consider a 1 on 1 tech help session at a later date if they wanted one.
Georgia, 2021/06/06 12:07
* Have a designated area within the Library that has Posters and Noticeboard that displays upcoming Health talks or Events.
* Have a designated computer for clients to use when updating their records.
* Particular Health Issue displays-informing the public and encouraging them to update/create their MY HEALTH RECORD.
Sam, 2021/06/03 16:31
Wondering if there's a generic login library staff could use to access My Health Record (or a training module of it), so larger group sessions could be done (we don't have the staff to offer continual one-on-one sessions). This would hopefully avoid the privacy issues of seeing a record that isn't one's own.
Fay, 2021/06/01 16:25
Online links from Library homepage, printed material available, and on demand info sessions if not 1:1 as required
Robert Ivancic, 2021/05/25 14:41
I work in a TAFE library that has a large number of English language students. This program can be used and taught to an existing class of students.
Students include refugees, recent and not so recent immigrants, both young and old. From an information perspective, this program would be useful as an educational tool that would increase
their awareness of services provided by the government.
Teresa, 2021/05/22 21:13
I think it would be great for our public library to provide a one on one session with patrons. Not everyone will have the same level of understanding/knowledge and are comfortable in a group environment when learning new technology. The biggest goal is to ensure all patrons are comfortable with what they have access to and are always open to asking for assistance when needed.
Denis, 2021/04/27 19:47
At our public library, I'm the instructor of an introductory iPad course for seniors that draws upon the resources of the Be Connected initiative, and based on this experience (albeit with a small sample size), I suspect there would be some demand for one-on-one help sessions at the library for those wishing to set up a MyGov account and associated services, such as My Health Record, Medicare, Centrelink, etc. I don't think group sessions would be ideal, just due to the sensitive nature of information as it relates to these services, but then I'm not sure. If a demonstration account could be used (similar to the simulator we've seen in this training for My Health Record), then that would be suitable for group sessions, in terms of just taking a tour of services. I'd like to see more such simulators, actually, so that people can get a better idea of what they're getting into without actually signing up themselves.
Sai Gaytan, 2021/04/10 20:17
By offering one session training for each one different group or types of patrons, e.g.:
- Seniors, only.
- Adults or parents, only.
- Young adults.
Pat, 2021/04/10 15:27
Our library could incorporate My Health Record Information Sessions in conjunction with assisting our community to navigate booking a COVID-19 vaccine. I also like the ideas of other library services for MCH nurses at story time sessions and a featured promotion of Health & Wellbeing links on our web page.
Lisa A Clare, 2021/03/31 21:10
I feel incorporating it into existing digital literacy classes would be easy, and also valuable to mention in other community programs where you can interact with other groups in the community such as parents, people from linguistically diverse backgrounds, and even in teen and young adult events to encourage independence and digital health awareness.
Rolf, 2021/03/31 16:31
Working in a Health Library, we are keen to partner with our local public library to support the delivery of digital health literacy training incorporating My Health Record to the local community. Our hospital staff will also benefit from exposure to MHR training by raising awareness of their role as a healthcare provider in contributing to an individual's MHR. Also, for clinicians to encourage their patients who don't have a MHR to request one. Our website could provide links to the appropriate resources to support training and MHR information.
Jenny, 2021/03/31 13:33
Adding My Health Record to Be Connected sessions and Tech Savvy sessions would be suitable for our library
Debbie Varnam, 2021/03/30 17:43
Including My Health Record to our 1 on 1 e-learning sessions would be great and as we already run a Conversation Cafe we could have a session on health, demonstrating My Health Record and the number of languages it is available in.
Em H, 2021/03/30 16:37
I think having an on-demand video training available as part of our e-Resources could be quite useful; the way we have video training modules for different eBook/audiobook apps, having one that runs step-by-step through the would be handy to point customers towards as well as a refresher for staff. Then one-on-one training sessions if customers request more help would be really useful as well.
Roz, 2021/03/29 13:55
We have been offering 1-on-1 tech sessions and it would be great to tailor them to show people how to set up and access their MyHealth Records.
Offering information on the health record in different languages will also benefit our multicultural community.
dubravka, 2021/03/29 05:06
Tafe has a multicultural community outreach worker, could work with the community course teachers to run a session on how to link the health record to the my gov. platform. Also, offering information on the health record in different languages.
Jacqueline, 2021/03/28 18:38
So many amazing ideas and I really like the innovative ways everyone has come up with to incorporate my health record information sessions into other programs!
Kathy, 2021/03/22 13:58
It would be useful in one on one sessions. However privacy might be a concern. Maybe some sessions with general information, and then giving people the brochures, info might be good.
Veronica, 2021/03/21 16:49
We could run some small group sessions aimed at particular groups eg seniors; new parents; people with no computer skills; people with basic computer skills. The sessions could be a blend of face-to-face teaching interspersed with showing some embedded videos from the MHR website; and our library webpages to show where to access resources.
Estela, 2021/03/18 15:01
That's right, Kerry. Our library patrons find our Tech Saavy Seniors courses very helpful. After running these sessions as an introduction to learning about Digital Health Literacy, we could also offer additional one-on-one assistance in our Ad Hoc Digital sessions, once we have a COVID-safe plan to deliver these again. It will be a great resource to be able to access, especially for the elderly.
Shivali, 2021/03/16 15:06
Apart from incorporating it into our Tech Help sessions, I like the idea of promoting training during Senior's Week.
Kerry Hodgkinson, 2021/03/15 12:15
We are very fortunate to be able to run Tech Savvy Seniors classes. This is one of our topics and the resources provided in this training will be helpful. Our participants were unsure of how My Health worked but providing them with 'hands on' training and information has assisted them. One on one training would be beneficial as well, at this point we are working on a Covid safe plan to be able to hold these sessions again. Living in a small community we are able to provide the information and technical learning to complete what is required. This enables our members to feel confident to complete these tasks on their own and share their knowledge with family and friends.
SP, 2021/03/12 15:14
I can see how this would a fantastic resource to explain some 'big picture' concepts for developing digital literacy. The content here is good to cover the 'why' and 'how does it matter to me' questions people have. Quite a powerful set of resources to show the importance of recording health information safely and securely.
Kerryn Whiteside, 2021/03/07 16:19
We are working with COTA Qld to develop some volunteer health/tech advice in our libraries and this information will be very valuable to pass on to the volunteers to support older community members who could benefit from My health Record.
Florence Tsang, 2021/02/27 14:04
One to One teaching section is good for Elderly, because they can ask face to face enquirer the problem in managing the Myhealth Record and Privacy is ensured. Also using Zoom for One to One teaching for people not chose for visit the library. Also Mobile Library can use for visit the disable and people not convince to go to library and using online tools for learning to use Myhealth Record .
Kathy, 2021/02/25 13:50
I think we could include this in our booked tech sessions. I think for maintaining privacy a computer away from the main public computers would be required.
Karyn Stephens, 2021/02/24 14:14
At our library we already promote health messages into our early literacy programmes through the term themes eg Healthy eating at Storytime and Brain Development / Speech pathology tips at our Wriggle time and Baby time sessions. We run events that also support health messages such as meditation / group yoga / healthy cooking.
It would be great if we could run some small group sessions in out Tech Help time and Reboot Training programmes. We already run similar public information sessions so this would be a natural fit.
I love the Words of Wellness Website links idea - this is a possibility as is links to other general health/parenting websites.
Tim, 2021/02/19 16:14
Collaborative sessions could be held in order to spread awareness of the benefits of the My Health Record and how it impacts both individuals and the greater community.
Martine, 2021/02/18 15:46
Adding a MHR website link on the desktops of our Public PCs for easy access for our customers and for staff in assisting our customers
Louise, 2021/02/18 15:13
Running some small group sessions could work, using the embedded videos from the MHR website how-tos.
Leanne Griffiths, 2021/02/17 11:14
Being in a small rural community, we could post notices on local business notice boards, promote through the school newsletter and incorporate a post box drop in our district post offices.
Mark, 2021/02/16 15:23
In order to avoid privacy issues, could you use the TrainMe (I think mentioned in Module 5) login to show how to navigate the site without having to access areal account? perhaps use that in a class or one to one training session.
Anna, 2021/02/16 12:03
All great ideas above. I particularly like the suggestion of using the My Health Record training as part of Senior's Week as often there are not adequate staff at our libraries to provide dedicated one-on-one training. Currently library staff attend a First Time Parent Group session with Maternal and Child Health nurses to promote the library service, so having a nurse attend storytimes once a month in return is also a fantastic idea.
Matthew, 2021/02/15 17:34
📚 Answering as a public library.

Mostly as a community partnership
* Child Health nurse to attend Rhymetime
* As part of Be Connected - My Health Records Learning Module available.
* As part of guest presented "Community Partnerships" especially getting relevant government department to be the presenter eg. Department of Human Services, Services Australia (Medicare), Australian Digital Health Agency, Centrelink
Beth, 2021/02/13 12:15
We could contact local health professionals to provide sessions for information needs, we could provide links to books, online courses, apps and websites on our website. For children, incorporating the importance of washing your hands, coughing properly, etc. for better health. There are many ways that programs and people could be supported.
Jonathon Dyer, 2021/02/11 12:22
I would love to have a nurse attend our Rhymetime sessions, as well as potentially incorporate some training into our 1 on 1 sessions. There is also the potential to have group information sessions that we can walk through a group of people. This is all doable!
Darren, 2021/02/10 14:47
If privacy is a concern in teaching about My Health would it be possible to use the Simulator instead of the clients own actual records in the lesson?
Nadine, 2021/02/10 12:51
So many good ideas here. I agree that having one on one MyHealth training sessions would be a good idea.
Kay, 2021/02/10 10:24
I would like to see regular on-going introduction sessions in libraries to offer people a designated place to find out how my health records works and provide awareness/access to the numerous links of health information that this program offers. Patrons could then book in for a 1:1 session if they would like assistance in setting up their own account in the manner that suits them best. Posters and information flyers in all libraries would be of great benefit.
Melanie, 2021/02/09 15:34
We could display digital posters and run sessions on my health record for staff and senior patrons during health week. By doing this, we will give staff and patrons the chance to think about my health records and make an informed choice.
sonya, 2021/02/03 12:56
Incorporating into eLearning would be very valuable when we can offer them. Also 1:1 sessions with the elderly who have difficulty using technology would help them with their computer skills as well as introducing them to the benefits of My Health Record.
Penny, 2021/02/01 13:50
This will be great to incorporate into our eLearning sessions when we are able to offer them again.
Leeola, 2021/02/01 09:13
We are starting Be Connected workshops at the TAFE Library this year and will be incorporating the My Health Record session as part of the workshops. I'll also be passing this on to the EAL teachers as we have a large number of Karen students who will also need this information.
Frances, 2021/01/28 20:44
Offering help, be it one-on-one or in a small group in library tech classes is be very much a appreciated by our seniors. Our teachers pace their training so the seniors are able to follow, time staff at Centrelink or other govt offices haven’t got. This training has been fantastic and helped us to have a better understanding of the product and hence improve our teaching. Making it available for free has meant that many more staff were able to do the training.
Megan Powell, 2021/01/21 16:10
As a new graduate, I imagine that starting with introductory My Health Record group sessions, and then following up with individual training or assistance as required, would be beneficial.
Tanisha , 2021/01/20 13:37
I am planning on running dedicated workshops on My Health Record, and offering it as topic option in my 1 to 1 eLearning sessions. I will offer to run these talks both in the library, and on outreach visits to retirement villages and other community groups.
Katelyn, 2021/01/15 14:09
We have a dr's surgery next door, we could have a partnership of some kind to educate our community
Alex, 2021/01/11 16:00
Occasionally our branch hosts health speakers who have written books which are well attended. If the expert speakers are comfortable, we could include material about the potential benefits of consolidated health information via My Health Record.
Alex, 2021/01/11 15:57
I agree with all of the incorporation of this material into digital training, with the caveat that I would like to address the security concerns that were brought up in late 2018 (and not adequately addressed by the federal government, IMO) in a non-alarmist way so that people can make an informed choice about how safe their data is.
Stacey Neville, 2020/12/31 11:00
In rural country libraries we hold tech sessions for elderly patrons and my health record could be included as a discussion within that program and we can assist in giving them information on where to access the material required.
We could also complete an individual session in the library and have information made available within the library ie posters, wellness databases and support.
Prudence Kirtland, 2020/12/30 13:37
Like most libraries, we do have one-on-one sessions to learn about digital technology. I can see new sessions on MyGov and My Health Record becoming part of this service, being taught by staff and our amazing Digital Services volunteers. Hopefully we can do more, such as using Social Media for promotion and quick video tips, creating partnerships, and updating our Virtual Library resources to include more Health and Wellness databases and support.
Anna, 2020/12/22 13:46
I like the One to One sessions especially for the elderly who are afraid of technology, and like to go at a slower pace.
We still have many people who fear digital technology.
Jasmine, 2020/12/18 10:36
I like the idea of incorporating information bout My Health Record into a series for seniors, particularly to assist with the tech aspects, but also promotion for our younger patrons who may not have considered its benefits.
Sheridan, 2020/12/11 14:35
I think having nurses at Story Sessions is an excellent idea.

Also incorporating physical and mental health talks into the programming, maybe separate sessions for young adults and adults.

Promote reliable sources of health information online and in the library.
Megan, 2020/12/08 11:02
It would be beneficial to the community to run information sessions about My Health Record. With staff assisting patron's accessing the website, the staff need to be aware of privacy issues and comfortable with the role.
Lisa Keys, 2020/12/07 19:55
Years ago we worked with a local psychologist to adapt the Books On Prescription program to support her when she wanted to refer clients to us to select a recommended book without having to ask in public for the particular book if they felt unconformable with that. we are considering doing that again and adapting to another name that suits our community. we will be meeting our Local Community Resource centre staff to see if they would like to do the training modules and then how we can work together to help community members. they have good rooms available and we have some trained staff to help.
Barbara, 2020/12/07 16:58
We do provide one-on-one mentoring sessions, which could easily incorporate mygov and myhealth guidance. We still have many people who fear digital technology but it is becoming more necessary to complete online information/forms/applications so we need to guide patrons in a way to reduce their fear.
Noah , 2020/12/07 13:19
I think it would be great to run information sessions at the Library on My Health Record and also one on one session for those who need more help.
Katrina, 2020/12/03 15:24
Our library had tutors all ready to provide free digital health lessons to people in our community back in early April, but couldn't go ahead due to COVID. We are still not able to use volunteers in our library to provide these lessons but hope this will change in the new year. In the meantime we have a staff member who is able to provide one-on-one lessons to people. The staff member uses a TV screen to mirror what the customer needs to do. This is the plan but we haven't implemented as yet
Michelle , 2020/11/25 18:52
I agree with all the suggestions
Teresa, 2020/11/25 12:41
I like the idea of one on one training whether it's our libraries or our Community Centres. It is also a great opportunity to incorporate the training for our new arrivals programs that are running. We could promote via our social media - Facebook page, website, library catalogue. Promote the resources and training we have available for our community ie resources for health including items for loan either on line or in person, audio visual material, courses. The list goes on
Debbie , 2020/12/03 09:07
I agree with all the others who have said that one on one sessions work best. In Whitehorse Manningham Libraries we've found that presentation type sessions work well in introducing new technologies, and will be enhanced by subsequent small group hands on sessions. With My Health Record, because there are privacy issues involved, perhaps the only way it can work is one on one. For demonstration purposes in group situations, it'd be ideal if we can develop a mock up site with a different scenarios.
Megan van Geest, 2020/11/23 19:28
We could incorporate My Health Record in 1. Tech Tea for Seniors session as an informative session, 2. a training and sign up session, 3. in One on One sessions, 4. Facebook Live Tech Tea and 5. as a discussion in English Conversation Classes.

Megan van Geest
Mandurah Libraries
Rose, 2020/11/20 11:09
When one on one sessions and group digital sessions begin again, we could have a directed poster at the local medical practice, chemist etc, to remind people to speak with the Dr about My Health Record and direct them to the additional help the library can offer. Having curated lists of resources, eresources as well as apps is something I would like to see added and offered to our customers.
Suzanne, 2020/11/20 13:09
Good idea, Rose. Could also have a leaflet version of this poster to hand out at the library's Toddler Read & Rhyme sessions. Could have in-shelf advertising in the library's medical books and lifestyles sections - maybe directing people to the "My Health & Wellbeing" link on the library catalogue.
Karen, 2020/11/18 10:45
It would be great to add a session into our computer class or customers could book a one-on-one session.
bee, 2020/11/13 13:13
bindi, 2020/11/13 13:07
bee, 2020/11/13 13:07
love the videos!
bee, 2020/11/13 13:07
very good idea great for the elderly also!
Sonya, 2020/11/13 09:01
We run MyGov sessions regularly as a group with Dept Human Services staff and then offer follow up one to one sessions with our trained volunteers or staff depending on the client need. I think we could also do this for My Health. Not all of our clients will need one to one, some of our seniors are very digital savvy, but the one to one add on option allows for those who need it without meaning we need to always dedicate one hour per person. Our literacy coordinator will also look at incorporating this in to English Convo.
sonya, 2020/11/13 09:03
I should also say that this is relevant for all not only seniors, but we do find the mygov sessions and need is mainly seniors or those with digital literacy needs. If available we would ask the govt agency to provide a presenter for the group session and then we back it up with individual support as needed for anyone in community. I could also see us partnering with the local neighbourhood houses, community health centres etc to work together in this space.
Thomas, 2020/11/12 15:23
i think it would be great to include this in our Form Filling programs, and also spruik as part of Digital Coaching offer
Narelle, 2020/11/06 14:54
In our branch I believe a "Device Advice" one on one session will work best as customers learn at different pace and some may only have a couple of questions while others may need more time.
Rebecca, 2020/11/05 19:06
We could offer a course through our Tech Savvy Seniors Computer program on My Health Record. I like the idea of inviting a child health nurse to storytime or rhyme time. I agree with previous comments about promotion via digital screens.
Katrina, 2020/12/03 15:27
Running "Device Advice" sessions would be fantastic! Great idea. I will think how I can incorporate this into programming for the new year. Thank you
Elayne, 2020/11/05 11:07
I agree with all the previous comments. Raising awareness through programs and other 1:1 sessions as well as promoting on digital screens are wonderful ideas. We have giant kiosks in the Library as well so we can use them to promote, as well as creating a page on the website for all useful health related resources.
sevil , 2020/11/04 18:38
Infographics might be eye-catching and informative for customers.
Lyn, 2020/11/03 10:06
Have a public info night with an invited health care professional.
We could also incorporate it into our Tech Savvy Senior sessions.
A display including flyers to advertise these events and also advertise on our events loop TV.
Adrian Loone, 2020/10/31 13:44
Our library could incorporate the information about My health record in our Digital 1 on 1 sessions, have a dedicated computer to train customers on, assist new parent enquiries when they attend our weekly children’s storytime and rock and rhyme sessions and provide assistance to our home library clients and other remote users.
Wilma Silveira, 2020/10/31 12:12
I love the idea of having a child-health nurse at story-times. I could also chat with my GP / Clinic and offer our library services to help with My Health record sessions. I agree that the sessions will need to be booked for 15 min. one to one due to privacy.
Excellent ideas to deliver My Health record maybe by promoting it on our Facebook or Instagram acc.
Our patronage is mainly senior residents with little or no computer knowledge, we do provide help with the State web page, and other private programs as requested. This is relevant and important for accuracy and access to medical history in life and dead situations.
CB, 2020/10/31 10:23
Promote and provide links to Health and Wellbeing resources online and also in the Library, and information in the local indigenous language.

Host a Libraries After Dark event on this topic.
Tracy Smith, 2020/10/31 09:14
I think it would be a nice idea to run a promotional morning tea session. (30 minute talk with Q&A) and from their patrons can book one-on-one sessions if they need assistance with setting up their My Health Record.
Tracy Smith, 2020/10/31 09:15
Opps. Apologies for the spelling error. - there not their
sue , 2020/10/30 19:13
incorporate training in My Health Record as part of our wellness program
Marcelle, 2020/10/30 16:49
Excellent ideas to deliver My Health record to the community. I think this would be a good option to offer one on one session information sessions at the end of digital learning programs.
Rose, 2020/10/30 16:43
Wonderful ideas have been shared above! While it's difficult in the current climate to offer physical digital training classes in the library, we could promote online digital training for My Health and My Gov. It would be great if we could partner with council /community leaders to obtain interpreters in order to offer this training in a variety of languages.
Also we currently offer a "Help with Forms' program to our community. This is a one on one delivery program (teacher and student) delivered 30min slots. This format could also be used to deliver My Gov/My Health training.
Cathy, 2020/10/30 16:23
I think that offering general sessions on 'how to' use My Health record would be good. If it wasn't too much work, people could book a one on one session if they wanted to sign up for their own account if they didn't have one already.
Michelle, 2020/10/30 15:10
Prior to Covid, we hosted a crochet group once per week, mostly older women, and this could become a topic of discussion with the group, some are quite computer savvy, others not so. We also run monthly craft and coffee sessions, so again this topic could be introduced at a time when everyone is working at the craft - or when we are having our coffee break. In both cases it would be more a promotion of the fact that we can help with this portal - advertising.

It could also be mentioned during Baby Rhyme Time, it would be especially useful if the Maternal and Child Health nurse who is situated in the same building, could be present at the time of the discussion.
fiona, 2020/10/30 14:54
good to see so much enthusiasm and ideas
Anna, 2020/10/30 14:54
Doing outreach classes into the local community.
Offering one on one sessions.
Offering group classes on an overview in the library
Dianne White, 2020/10/30 14:53
There are some wonderful opportunities to cross-promote digital health literacy across our Council community services, including children's, youth and aged and disability services.
Heather McKay, 2020/10/30 14:17
Lots of fabulous ideas here
Claire C-G, 2020/10/30 13:33
All of the above ideas are fantastic. Both one-on-one and group sessions are great ideas. For us, having a bigger space to do the one-on-one sessions especially when setting up the My Gov accounts would be beneficial so that peoples privacy is respected.
Lauren, 2020/10/30 12:49
We could advertise on our digital noticeboard that we are able to assist with Myhealthrecord enquiries and provide instructional documents for members to access.
Kylie Pinkerton, 2020/10/30 11:35
We could run training sessions on the different components of my health training this could be part of our current digital training offerings
A, 2020/10/29 20:40
lots to consider. Some intersting ideas presented
Melissa, 2020/10/29 20:38
There are a lot of great ideas out there. I agree with Jason 'When the initiative is fully rolled out across libraries, it's important for all clinics to be aware that they can refer customers to the libraries for further guidance with My Health Record' Partnerships between library/library resources and health professionals would also benefit the community.
David Boudville, 2020/10/29 17:03
A group training session on My Health Record can be carried out quite simply, without any privacy issues, if all participants had access to the training environment for My Health Record. The instructor could guide the students through the 15 different scenarios already created for the training dataset.

1-on-1 follow up sessions could then be held for those who want some help exploring the features available in My Health Record.

We could also offer a training session on creating a My Gov account and linking services to the My Gov account.
Rory, 2020/10/29 16:54
Running private one-on-one sessions would be a great way to deliver assistance with MHR, especially considering the privacy concerns that come with busy libraries, but this is often challenging as the libraries I work in don't have private rooms. I think a lot can be done with quiet voices, but it might be worth having some kind of guidelines about notifying library patrons that these privacy concerns exist (and also that we're not health professionals). I think general guidance pamphlets for common issues, questions, and resources might also be useful.
Margot, 2020/10/29 13:30
I think it would be great to to use our Be Connected sessions in partnership with the Senior Citizens centre to teach our elderly library users about My Health Record.
Graeme, 2020/10/29 13:09
Run a session as part of the Basic Computing program along with Be Connected resources
Codie, 2020/10/29 10:51
This fits in well with our mission to continue on as an eSmart library and can be introduced in our seniors tech programming and digital discussions in our libraries. Great training to have for our staff who can then pass this information on to their communities!
Karen Seligman, 2020/10/29 10:02
Pre-COVID, a number of CALD seniors groups use our library spaces to hold social functions. We can get in touch with these groups and share the information with them, and even possibly train their group facilitators in how to use My Health Record. We have found that these seniors don't necessarily engage with the library beyond coming in for their social gatherings; however they may be more receptive of information delivered by their group facilitators.
Donna, 2020/10/28 17:33
The BeConnected program appears to be the best one from an outreach position in the library to direct recipients too
Arthur, 2020/10/28 17:25
In my opinion, such training would be of interest or beneficial to those, who would like to learn or know more what the My Health is and how it operates. One on one sessions would achieve more but the staff time must be taken into the consideration, whereas the group presentation & training would be more time efficient.
Jason, 2020/10/28 16:17
When the initiative is fully rolled out across libraries, it's important for all clinics to be aware that they can refer customers to the libraries for further guidance with My Health Record.
Cy Wewzow, 2020/10/28 16:13
If customers aren't able to come into the Library to learn about My Health Record, Staff could visit customers at home, or Staff could visit Senior Citizens centres, Men's Shed etc.
Matthew, 2020/10/28 15:53
We could incorporate it into our outreach visits.
Lou, 2020/10/28 12:58
I would lov some flyers and maybe some little cards/instructions patrons could take home, especially in other languages, as COVID has changed the way we run digital programs especially with physical distancing and less PCs available for use.
Inta, 2020/10/28 12:54
I have just noticed that the MyGov module on the Be Connected site now includes a section on My Health Record. Very useful.
Susan Gibson, 2020/10/28 11:56
My health training would work very well with our current tech savvy trainings
julie, 2020/10/28 10:55
One on one sessions would be the way to go as privacy would be an issue with bigger groups.
Naomi, 2020/10/29 17:12
I agree Susan I think this would fit well within our Tech savvy sessions.
Even taking it further to a one on one session.
Mutsuko , 2020/10/28 09:50
One to one session on My health Record will be ideal for the community in our council area as we have high population of elderly people. We can also offer group sessions on My health Record for people who are more confident but would like to know more about the service.
Karen, 2020/10/27 17:55
Be Connected sessions using the My Health Record training simulator would be ideal.
Mindy, 2020/10/27 15:19
These could be easily slotted into our existing offerings:
Adding My Health awareness/info to our monthly What's On; develop group classes for general 'how to use' sessions, integrated with Be Connected; offer one to one sessions when possible; add a promotional feature to our TV display slide show.
Catherine, 2020/10/27 15:02
Our library runs Be Connected sessions which have a topic focusing on My Gov. We could incorporate My Health Record into these sessions, making sure not to overload our clients with too much new information. We also have monthly newsletters we print/email to clients. I think it would be a great idea to put a little note in there asking people "Have you heard of My Health Record" and if clients are interested, we may run a class purely for My Health Record alone.
Leanne, 2020/10/27 13:16
Offer My Health training sessions.
Shar, 2020/10/26 17:02
I think sessions run at the library about accessing and using My Health would be the best way to get that information out to the community.
Cathy, 2020/10/26 16:35
I think it is a fantastic idea to have sessions run at the library for the general public to aware this initiative. Firstly we would think who are the target group(s) we want to deliver this initiative in priority (ex: seniors/ disability / chronical diseases or other) and we can promote with greater result. One-on-one session perhaps the 2nd stage for promoting the initiative. However as some persons mentioned before the privacy issue perhaps need to be notified when library staff does one-on-one session.
tom, 2020/10/26 14:16
sessions on establishing a My Health Record could be successfully incorporated in many of the ways discussed above. In the interests of freedom of information and informed consent, these sessions would need to include first a discussion on the pros and cons of having a My Health Record, given the gravity of the data involved and the significant controversy around the roll-out and flaws of the program. Discussion such as:

would both be an essential part of any respectful, mature and meaningful training session and awareness campaign. It was disappointing to see that these basic and foundational issues were not included in the e-learning program. If they were/are going forward, our involvement in any training would be much more useful to health consumers.
Julia , 2020/10/30 13:13
I absolutely agree with this comment.

Issues have been glossed over in this training program, which makes it a bit too much like propaganda rather than a true training program. I'm actually a big fan of the concept of My Health Record, but I have concerns about how it has been implemented, and I'm very disappointed that this training glosses over so much.

Yes, My Health Record has a lot of strong points, but there are also legitimate concerns, and they have not been adequately addressed here, and like Tom I think a decent training option would include information about the debate around the potential flaws with the implementation.

As librarians we're here to help people access balanced and accurate information.
Lisa, 2020/10/26 13:01
Our library runs Be Connected sessions so linking that in to My Health Record would be advantageous for participants. Including more health literacy information during new parent group talks is also a useful idea. Some libraries have begun running "adulting" classes for teenagers and young adults - this would be another good option to spread awareness of use of My Health Record.
Allison, 2020/10/30 11:22
Good point Tom, as with so much of our tech literacy training we need to be careful that we are saying 'this is available and we can help you access it' and not 'you need to do this', and to make people aware of potential issues and help them to find the information needed to make an informed decision.

That said, it would be good to incorporate My Health Record in to any existing tech literacy programming and running targeted programs e.g. during Senior's Fest
Bec, 2020/10/25 19:03
One on one tutorials would work great in our Library. Having written pathways on how to start or where to access My Gov to start the process of linking MyHealth Record would be good.
Marg, 2020/10/24 16:49
Someone mentioned pamphlets to give to library visitors or put into books - ADHA might be able to help with these as a general handout in consultation with relevant bodies? That way the information is the same whichever library hands it out.
Rhonda M, 2020/10/24 14:33
The comments are providing lots of thoughtful avenues to raise community awareness. In a public library setting the one to one tutorials seem to best suit privacy issues. Also working in coordination with Neighbourhood houses and raising awareness through school newsletters would contribute to accessing a larger catchment of our community. So much scope, I've enjoyed reading all the useful suggestions. Thanks
janette.mitchelson, 2020/10/23 16:50
Showing clients through the beconnected site will be great
Mary , 2020/10/23 11:06
Lots of great ideas already suggested. One-on-one and a general information session would be ideal for our library.
Leanne Jones, 2020/10/23 10:09
We could introduce My Health and My Gov training into our current technology savvy courses at the Library.
Stephan , 2020/10/23 15:35
I agree it would be great to incorporate this training at the Library.
Kath, 2020/10/23 08:15
I would like to see MHR incorporated into several programs from our Outreach through to Baby time programs. Promoting in both physical and digitally with links on our web page and proving real time support with small groups within the library. MHR needs to be promoted to all age groups.
Nicola, 2020/10/22 21:10
Lots of amazing suggestions for incorporating My Health into sessions. It would be great for my library to look at partnerships with other areas of Council to support and provide training on My Health to the wide range of demographics that use our services. I will certainly be discussing this further with our Programs team.
Janine, 2020/10/22 15:34
I'd like to offer Small group training for digital health literacy in addition to 1-1 bookable support and incidental promotion and support for customers.
Geke, 2020/10/22 15:30
We could organise group sessions in the library to show patrons how to set up and use "MyHealthRecord" (once allowed to have groups again in the library)

One on one sessions with patrons on demand

Make people arare of "My HealthRecord" on our fb page.
Maeve, 2020/10/22 12:58
These are all great suggestion! There are so many different ways to incorporate My Heath Record into digital literacy programs in libraries! I think offering online webinars and tutorials is a good place to start, as well as sharing all the amazing My Health Record online resources via our library website and social media channels. Once we're safely able to start face-to-face events again, we could offer an introductory session to start the outreach process and follow through with one-on-one sessions to assist people that aren't as tech confident.
Arthur Christopoulos, 2020/10/21 15:53
I run an online program called Language Cafe, a conversation group for people practicing English. I think a session dedicated to the theme of health could incorporate a guided tour (via screen sharing) of the My Health website and its many options. Everything would be explained in a very simple and friendly manner. As there is sometimes a language barrier for attendees, especially when it comes to being confronted with so many options and unknown terminology, the whole experience for them could be overwhelming going at it alone. Having the site explored as a group and encouraging conversations and question raising could be highly beneficial to this demographic.
Monica Kennedy, 2020/10/26 11:52
Hi Arthur - I was about to suggest language cafe as an ideal program to run awareness session in.
Cary Longman, 2020/10/21 12:47
I think, since medical care can sometimes be a sensitive subject, to make our more vulnerable patrons (who may benefit from it the most) aware of MyHealth indirectly, so as not activate any sensitive feelings they may have.
Mel, 2020/10/21 12:26
Lots of great comments. I can't think of anything to add.
Penny, 2020/10/21 12:18
There have been many fabulous ideas generated through this discussion. Providing online training workshops via Zoom is a great idea, or face to face when permitted. We could also create an MHR online tutorial for our website. Lastly, we could promote MHR through posters, flyers and bookmarks.
Cassie, 2020/10/21 10:33
All fabulous ideas! A one-on-one with library customers would be great to run this session.
Dana, 2020/10/21 08:52
We are planning to set up some in-house digital literacy sessions for seniors once the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. Incorporating how to set up MyHealthRecord and mygov into basic online access techniques will be included.
Mary, 2020/10/21 08:35
We can use the YouTube channel and social media resources provided in this module to generate interest for MyHealthRecord on Facebook (& other social) during Health targeted events and awareness programs throughout the year. For example, like some of the ones listed here (NSW):
Michelle Sadler, 2020/10/20 16:56
One of our children's librarians is a guest speaker for each new mother's groups on one occasion to introduce them to the library and the programs that might interest new parents. I think it would be a great idea to also introduce them to My Health Record and to let new parents know that assistance setting up and navigating this resource is available. Also we could reach out to senior citizens and other groups and offer workshops.
Jacqui Gangell, 2020/10/19 15:13
A detailed display with posters for people to view as they entre the library and perhaps a TV with some of the slides from this training course on rotation.

A link to self guided training through our library website or a helpful how to/troubleshooting guide in plain English.
Kate Headlam, 2020/10/20 13:47
We could have My Gov sessions as Part one and the follow on with My Health sessions as part 2 for those wanting to extend.
Alex Nemeth, 2020/10/19 11:22
It would be great to offer training sessions to our Homebound library users as many of them are aged and/or have multiple health issues.
Amber, 2020/10/18 14:00
We could share this information during our one on one tech sos sessions. I think a lot of people would benefit from it.
Jane Wembridge, 2020/10/16 14:26
We currently offer 30 minute, on-on-one Tech Help sessions. I think it would be helpful to offer MyHealth assistance as part of this program.
Jane, 2020/10/16 13:52
So important for people to feel empowered to manage their online lives themselves. Libraries offering MyHealth information sessions in their one on one sessions is a great place to start.
Noorjahan, 2020/10/16 13:42
I think we could have a session for our borrowers in one of our programs where we could talk about My Health and all the benefits of joining and then having one on one sessions with them to help get them started.
Kathy, 2020/10/16 13:38
A great start is by having a wellness links on library web pages. In house we could showcase on a TV by running the scenarios with training videos. Also holding small groups or one on one discussions and information sessions around this display. We need to get the community talking and this will start understanding.
Alexander Holmes, 2020/10/16 13:14
We could incorporate the information about My health record in our Digital 1 on 1 sessions. Run specific group training sessions like we already do for My Gov. Providing flyers and advertising material will be a great reminder for clients.
Rochelle, 2020/10/16 13:08
We have a region-wide library service website, and it would be pertinent to include a list of both generic (national) and local health resources there. We also have U3A clubs, CWA, Soroptomist, and other community groups meeting regularly at our library - it would be straightforward to provide each with a short presentation about My Health Record and other health resources available within the branch or online.
Lizz Lethlean, 2020/10/15 15:50
When there is a health focus event organised, whether it be "Device Advice" or another program, it's important that participants have certain information with them in order to successfully create a My Health profile, including medicare card and banking details as to where medicare rebates are sent, their doctors names etc, as these documents are required.
Laraine, 2020/10/15 13:12
Our Library is rolling out the Be Connected program. This is a good fit for the older demographic. Online programs are being well attended during COVID so add to the other ideas. Links with our Communities team to see what and how they are providing services and is there an option to talk about Myhealth.
Colleen, 2020/10/15 12:26
Excellent ideas from everyone! I think having a live session on social media on how to use "My Health Record" in order to go over the steps with viewers might be useful. Then as the viewers on social media watch the live stream they can ask questions that one might not have heard of due to a recorded video and due to COVID-19 restrictions an in-person event might not be available to library patrons.
Sarah, 2020/10/15 11:55
Lots of great ideas from everyone! Reading over all of the comments I can't think of anything extra to add that hasn't already been posted. "My Health Record" could easily be incorporated into my libraries.
Margaret, 2020/10/14 17:58
I think being confident in the use of My Gov to start with, so a session as a group or one on one to discuss and become familiar. My Health can then be another session to that. An information session where people of all ages and cultures can ask questions and a flyer to take home or an email with the information discussed.
Kathie, 2020/10/14 15:54
All above suggestions are really valuable - and I see some fellow team members have provided some great ideas! I think we could be even more targeted, and approach local community health services directly to partner with them. Local services know their clients really well (and we know our library patrons well too). This could lead to 'referrals' of people to approachable and friendly library training, and may lead to other health promotion or digital health literacy related opportunities.
Lyndell, 2020/10/14 14:38
For those able to access things online

Include information and links on Library website and create a Wellbeing tab that provides information regarding services, agencies, book and other relevant links.

1. Promote health and wellbeing on social media as a general post pitching it to various groups within the community. Some may not see it, but family members may and then pass it on and assist
2. Promote MHR and what it is about on social media with appropriate links and advertise upcoming information Zoom meetings
3. Information Zoom meetings and then open up a one-on-one booking session
4. Whilst still unopened - conduct Zoom meetings for one-on-one sessions.
When we open up - one-on-one sessions on a laptop in a quiet part of the library/ meeting room

Start thinking now about how we can do this and more when we are open and able to assist in person.
Regina Ryan, 2020/10/13 16:35
Encourage patrons to sit one on one with a Librarian at a tech help session to show My Health and e-resources. Promote in the Library as well as Facebook.
Narelle, 2020/10/13 15:11
As required one-on-one sessions, promote service to those disclosing health issues and make sure promotional material is displayed prominently.
Clare Langridge, 2020/10/13 13:50
Offering group sessions on My Health. Could be followed up with further sessions. These can be suggested by participants. Getting those who can offer a snapshot of their experiences in setting up their My Health and entering different information, could follow. Like an ongoing interest/support group. If an interest of course. Invite Doctors/other health specialist to talk about how they see the benefits.
mary, 2020/10/13 12:04
Information could be passed on to seniors, new mothers and patrons practising their English whilst utilising our library spaces. It could also be incorporated as a topic in individual or group internet classes or as a separate event altogether
Tanya, 2020/10/13 11:20
It seems the people that will most benefit from MH records may be unable to get themselves on. Not everyone has capable friends and family close by. So this is our main obstacle, how to sign people up remotely. Most people here have covered all the ideas I was thinking of. Covid is an issue with doing classes and so on. I was thinking of holding a session on zoom, perhaps 1 hour a week at a designated time slot - however getting people that need help with My Health onto zoom may need a lesson in itself. Tech talks and a follow up ? Is there a way we could help enter details to get the people up and running - however we would be breaching privacy rules.
Linda, 2020/10/13 10:56
Great opportunity to engage with seniors . Add to the current outreach program include training our Home library volunteers
Leanne, 2020/10/12 16:21
We could promote My Health record during our early years programs.
Cassie McKenna, 2020/10/12 16:09
I think promotion through our other programs, as IT confidence will depend on the target audience. For example, seniors would require different level of support than young mums.
This could be an added resource for parents to have a one-on-one or small group intro, and could be cross promoted with Story time.
ela, 2020/10/15 10:19
Or we can promote it during any programs running by the library
Jennie, 2020/10/12 12:52
We get a few people needing help with My Gov so we would need to have a session on that before we did one on My Health record. Everyone's ideas have given my something to think about four my library.
Jennie, 2020/10/12 12:54
*for :)
Karen, 2020/10/12 10:43
Lyn had a great idea of combing it with a session on MyGov- still an area that scares people.
Advertising/flyers as they borrow to let everyone know we can help them with a one on one session.
Advertising on library website while listing books & DVD etc on health topics and links to apps would let everyone know we are onboard with health and wellbeing. Until COVID is over we will probably be limited to general questions and help.
H. Huang, 2020/10/12 09:47
I will promote My Health Record to our CALD community through Bilingual Tea Talk & Tech, and the basic computer & Internet classes for senior at Richmond North Community Centre.
Robyn White , 2020/10/09 16:23
As part of our Tech Talks we could remind patrons of their My Health Record, and perhaps guide them through establishing it further, outlining the benefits. I could also see this done as a Zoom/or Vimeo presentation during lockdown.
Robert, 2020/10/09 13:29
1. As part of our regular digital literacy training classes
2. We may be able to eventually offer one on one guided training &/or assistance once our Covid restrictions are lifted.
3. Support or create webinars with this training.
4. Embed the training to our website with links & training videos.
Samanthi, 2020/10/09 08:58
Our libraries can promote "My health record" from the library website and provide links how to access it. Leaflets and brochures inside the library is not practicable due to Covid-19. Can provide support online one to one from Zoom or group support for public who need support.
Jarrod, 2020/10/09 08:24
Incorporating this into our Xoom based one-on-one IT support sessions and Be Connected related initiatives would be beneficial.
Karen, 2020/10/08 15:20
Due to covid, one on one sessions would be best at this stage but advertising would be critical.
Rosie, 2020/10/08 14:28
It would be great to offer health and wellbeing sessions which incorporate health services information as well as what library collections can offer and community resources available.
Eleanor, 2020/10/08 13:39
We could incorporate My Health Record training into our 1:1 digital classes. Work with our Active Aging team to run group or 1:1 sessions. Links to My Health training and information to our website.
Sally Stanley, 2020/10/08 12:33
I hope to run a sessions on My Health with my Tech Buddies group, seniors armed with iPads! In these sessions I will incorporate the Go Digi, How to find health information online as well. I will hand out the brochures as well.
Pia Frisby, 2020/10/08 10:44
Not only do I see the benefit of of promoting and conducting workshops for library patrons, I have learnt so much about the service personally. I had imagined that it would be of most benefit to seniors but I think all adults should learn about My Health and the features that it offers.
Eric, 2020/10/08 10:25
Including embedded links and training options in our Library eResources suite as well as online & face to face instruction sessions would be great ways to facilitate My Health Record awareness.
Kay, 2020/10/07 16:58
I love all the wonderful ideas shared here.
We could certainly provide links to My Health Record and My Gov on our website, and we could promote the links during a special Health Awareness Week and display, post COVID, or through an online session in the present situation
Karen, 2020/10/07 13:54
I feel this could be promoted by creating a My Health Record video along with an information session.
Peter Gillson, 2020/10/07 13:37
I would like to incorporate it into my one on one sessions and potentially run a session using the simulator to a larger group.
Stephanie, 2020/10/07 11:36
Include information during Senior's Week
Add as a bonus class in our Basic Computer Skills training
Promote as something we can help patrons with during I.T 1-on-1 sessions
Sepe Illig, 2020/10/07 10:32
Host a sign up day.

Include my health on your library's tv promo loop.

Partner up with health care professionals to help join up their clients.
Christine Whaley, 2020/10/06 15:22
Having elderly relatives has made me aware of My health Record. Obviously it is only worthwhile if data has been entered on it. One on one courses are perfect as often people are sharing private information. We could also run an overview training for people to attend and then to
express interest in a one on one.
Liz Ogilvie, 2020/10/06 14:43
It is something that could be incorporated into our language cafe sessions.
Sarah Depasquale, 2020/10/06 14:27
I feel I could promote my health record during my "Device Advice Sessions" held at a retirement Village monthly (When Covid restrictions allow).I was particularly interested in GoDigi as a resource and am looking forward to being able to direct customers to this site.
Julie, 2020/10/06 13:58
I can see possibilities for running a session on My Health record at our local community centres
Kerryn, 2020/10/06 13:41
This could be offered as a online resource to the many community groups we work with, I feel it would be greatly benefited.
Aaron Elsey, 2020/10/06 12:33
1. Create an introduction to myhealth or mygov workshop.
2. Offer in depth individual sessions as part of 'book a librarian' sessions.
3. Include a mention of this in other related programs such as community outreach or computer basics programs.
Ruwandhi, 2020/10/06 11:40
I think we can run group information sessions in the library to educate patrons on Digital Health literacy. During Covid restrictions, can create videos on Digital Health records and make them available through our library online Adult programs for patrons' use and if they are interested to know more information, we can run one on one library sessions and /or telephone information sessions for the patrons.
Cindy, 2020/10/06 10:37
There are so many ideas and useful ways we can assist our local communities to know more about the My Gov portal and My Health Record. While completing these modules I have come across information that can be changed into possibilities for our library webpage and social media. We have a large Aboriginal community and can look at the resources available as well as the translation possibilities for our those who have English as a second language. Our main aim will be passing on knowledge - Something Libraries do well.
Lyn, 2020/10/05 14:23
Combining MyHealth/My Gov into an information session in the library could work well especially demonstrating the linking of accounts as we have a number of patrons using MyGov just for Centrelink would be great to show other services that can be linked.
Violet Hogarth, 2020/10/04 21:23
My Health Record could be incorporated through group sessions focusing on how to access and use My Health Record, in the Digital Learning Space. As well as pamphlets available to customers explaining what my My Health Record is and how to access and use it.
Elizabeth Elhay, 2020/10/05 15:29
Great idea about incorporating My Gov training with My Health record as the services are linked online. Makes great sense.
Jo-anne, 2020/10/03 16:38
There are so many great suggestions. Promoting My Health Record on our library website would be a good place to start. Running computer sessions about the My Gov site would be useful and it can be a way of directing people to My Health Record.
Karen, 2020/10/07 11:04
A lot of great suggestions on here. Can easily be incorporated into our digital sessions, also some of our other adult programs.
Darryl, 2020/10/12 13:40
I agree that there are great suggestions here Karen. You mention incorporating it into other programs. I'm thinking it could even be an add on for a travel session. With international travel off the radar at the moment, domestic travel has gained a surge of interest. A guest speaker on the subject could be followed by a MyHealth Record presentation. It is a fantastic option for grey nomads.
Mariah, 2020/10/02 17:10
I think it would work well to be including into our digital literacy sessions, both group (maybe as an introduction to what it is) and then also individually for one-on-one assistance. Could definitely run a themed or targeted campaign around health with the various book displays and resources available to people.
dianne mcgowan, 2020/10/02 17:09
I am concerned about the young who leave school with low literacy/digital skills. The focus of comments and National programs are focused on Seniors, Indigenous and Non-English speaking backgrounds. The youth (18+) know that voting is compulsory yet less than 90% of them are registered to vote. How do we engage this group? They are unlikely to visit the library, generally impoverished with low income jobs. They have fallen through the net. They are likely to keep falling. Perhaps school programs?
Tash, 2020/10/02 15:32
As others have said, we could incorporate this into our ipad/technology for beginners sessions. We also run a program where we read to seniors, choosing readings on a different theme each week, and have a big discussion afterwards. If we chose a theme such as technology, health or caregivers, information about My Health Record could be included in the discussion.
Tama, 2020/10/02 14:40
I can see this being offered as part of our Get Connected series. I would imagine this would be popular with senior citizens in our community. I would imagine it being presented over zoom as a presentation.
Catherine, 2020/10/02 12:12
I would like to see it as part of Seniors Week and to promote it as an event at the library with powerpoint display and then have ipads and computers available to let those that attend try the simulations before they attempted it on their own records. Also work in partnership with the local community group to expand the message to a broader audience.
Penny, 2020/10/02 11:57
Provide My Health/ My Gov training as part of the tech assist program. Advertise it as one of the services provided and that library staff have been training to deliver the program.
Roslyn, 2020/10/01 20:02
We already run a couple of programs aimed at helping adults learning to use online resources and devices. We could easily run a training session specifically on accessing My Health Record, and make sure people are aware that Be Connected has a tutorial focusing on this. With the links and resources provided here we will be better armed to provide them with the information they need.
Mica, 2020/10/01 16:27
I haven't had any ideas beyond the variety suggested here. Our staff are undertaking the training to be better served to help library users if required or if health topics arise in social programs. We don't have a health literacy program as yet, and we would want to liaise with health service providers to explore the dimensions of any local gaps. It could be a good topic in our EOL conversation program.
Dana, 2020/10/01 15:57
I would start the conversation with a display on health resources, promote the display in our local newsletter and offer training - either one on one or in small groups.
Ben, 2020/10/01 15:08
We could run regular information sessions for small groups at the library covering the basics of using MyGov, My Health Record and other similar resources.
Jeremiah S, 2020/10/01 14:45
Our library has acquired 10 iPads and they could be used to run small group classes for various community groups.
Sophie, 2020/10/01 14:41
We would like to run a digital program teaching our community how to access different resources and including the My Health Record training would be perfect.
Natalie, 2020/10/30 15:16
Holding one on one sessions are a great idea, we have just hired a digital literacy officer and I will be passing this training on to her and help incorporate it.
Lisa, 2020/10/01 14:37
It could be incorporated into device advice/other one-on-one programs where technology is the focus. Also it could be used in conjunction with outreach programs in rural communities to aid in bridging the digital divide in isolated areas.
Scott, 2020/10/01 14:27
We run several digital literacy programs targeted at seniors. This would be a great addition. The entire point is to not have people left behind by digital literacy. It is becoming more and more essential just to function in the world and this is another example where people who are intimidated by the technology, unable to access it or just reluctant to learn find themselves struggling.
Brendan, 2020/10/01 11:50
We could incorporate this course into our seniors embracing technology programs as one of the topics to look on and get an understanding of, to teach seniors on how to navigate through my health record.
Julie, 2020/10/01 11:01
We could incorporate My Health Record into our Be Connected program for a general overview on what it is about and how it works. We could then offer customers personalized assistance to get on board in our one on one digital help sessions. I also like the idea of linking health and well-being websites and resources to our libraries website for customers to access.
Karen, 2020/09/30 18:30
We already hold one on one tech sessions including a section on MyGov. Including my health record into these sessions would be great. Participants feel relaxed and at home in the Library environment and it would be an opportunity to get them to sign up. The explanations within the modules on privacy and security are brilliant as they would help people feel that their information is secure and would remain private
Belinda, 2020/09/30 16:39
Word of mouth. Mention during conversations and normalise the idea of My Health Record. Plant the seed.
Leora Seevers, 2020/09/30 14:32
We could partner up with our community hub and incorporate learning through our incorporated community groups.
Jasen, 2020/09/30 13:52
We are looking at ways of connecting with our local Indoor Sports and Aquatic centre which is coming in under council in the next few months. I have meetings set up with their activities and events people from which I hope to get some great things happening.
Jane Grace, 2020/10/29 22:00
Great idea
Alexis, 2020/09/30 09:40
We already have digital literacy workshops on using MyGov so we can expand these to include MHR information and then offer a specific session on MHR. I need to check out the BeConnected information on this topic mentioned in a previous post! We'll also contact other organisations such as our Neighbourhood Centre and Maternal and Child Health unit to see if we can work together on promotion.
Jacqui, 2020/09/30 09:32
An introductory information session would be good, followed by promotion through regular library programs like the digital coaching sessions for both groups and individuals. A dedicated health resources page on the library's website would be a good idea as well as a display in branch to promote MHR for people who don't or are reluctant to use technology.
Linda Smith, 2020/09/29 15:36
Link up to existing training that is on offer eg. MyGov, Centrelink. One on one sessions delivered in English and other languages. A link to access My Health Record of the library website. There are many ways that people can be made aware of it.
Nanette D, 2020/09/29 15:22
With COVID restrictions, MHR awareness, training and Q & As could be offered via an online platform from the library for seniors at home who have access to the internet.
We are currently developing our online information sessions, so adding the MHR awareness, training and Q & As would a perfect way to spread awareness and knowledge in one of these sessions. These could also be tailored for seniors who have access to the internet.
As well, MHR training can be added to existing MyGov sessions. In that way, we would be building previous MyGov training and taking it further.
Post COVID restrictions, MHR information and training can offered through our Learning Help for Adults program that assists people on a one on one basis. That way, people can learn at their own pace for the time that it suits them on a weekly basis.
I will have a conversation with our Programs team to see how we can make connections with local health professionals in our area, linking with some information sessions held in the library.
Ruth T, 2020/09/29 15:20
Adding a 'My Health Record' link on our home page (and our in library computers) with links and guides to 'My Health Record' on how to register and use the pogram and any helpful tutorials including those in different languages.
Ruth T, 2020/09/29 14:32
I think that an online booking session could be benificial, where patrons can book-in to discuss the 'My Health Record'. Where they can ask questions to someone in person, whether it be how to join/setup the 'My Health Record' or just to find out information about it. Just having training on a topic isn't always the way to go as people have different questions and learn in different ways.
CYPRIAN, 2020/09/29 11:25
We go out to retirement villages and nursing homes etc .... to advertise events and services for older community members. Adding a section to our presentation about digital health resources including my health record would be worthwhile.
Ann, 2020/09/29 10:48
Adding a page of health-based resources to our website would be an excellent place to start.
Cass, 2020/09/29 09:48
I think it could be very useful for us to incorporate training on this program into our existing online training platform (we already have a variety of different tutorials up there). Obviously also good to incorporate into one-on-one sessions that we already offer. A general information session also seems like a good way to advertise staff knowledge of the platform, and this could certainly be incorporated in a cross-council format by collaborating with other departments. (It's always important to let people know what you know!)
Kerrie , 2020/09/28 16:49
Have read so many great ideas how to connect with the community on this discussion forum. It is very important the advantages and benefits of My Health are delivered to the community. I see it being displayed in the library with all available information we are able to provide. Being able to offer sessions to guide people through navigating My Health , especially as a one on one session. Being able to have it as an outreach program would be very beneficial. Our website could have a dedicated link that enables people access to partnering organisations and sites a long with our own resources. Having a night or day event where we partner with health professionals across all different levels of care such as from medical , aged care, mental health etc and present the importance of looking after health and access to vital information.

We are in a position to offer so much and reach a lot of people.
Mel, 2020/09/28 16:33
My Health Record promotional materials and a health resources display would be a good place to start in the tiny library where I'm based
Sharon , 2020/09/28 15:38
Be Connected have a great learning resource on My Health record, which we use here
Cathy Artridge, 2020/09/28 15:06
I'd like to partner with one of our local medical centres &/or MCH, which would provide a better sense of security of information, to deliver an information session on My Health Record. Followed by 1:1 assistance or small group how-to session using the MHR training portal.
Julie Guteridge, 2020/09/28 14:56
We change our Wi-Fi password daily and today's password is myhealth. This gave me the opportunity to discuss with visitors about the myhealth digital information! The response was fantastic. I wish I would have realised so many were going to be keen and I would have had the entire morning free to take them through the basics.
Toby Wools-Cobb, 2020/09/28 14:39
Our library hopes to run a few sessions about My Health Records as part of our Be Connected program.
Cathy, 2020/09/28 14:21
Our library network have been trained in Beconnected, and this would fit beautifully within this course. Our HLS team is looking at loaning Ipads to some of our community, and they could add this to the training of using an Ipad and other opportunities with the Ipad.
Heather , 2020/10/09 09:58
We have 'get on line week'coming up in Victoria so it would be a good time to start these sessions on My Health record
Simon Burrett, 2020/09/28 10:20
We can include the My Health record and My gov beconnected course into our current suite of digital courses. We can link in with the local child health nurse, GP and child and family centre to promote our services e.g. books and ebooks about health. Assist people 1 on 1 to access and set up their My Health Record.
Linda, 2020/09/25 17:12
I'm currently considering a number of local partnership opportunities around health in general, and now I'll add MyHealthRecord to the list of shared resources/shared spaces for the community with these groups in mind. I'm keen to continually develop our library as a community connector - and I'm unsure what the health literacy level of our community really is.
Roslyn Cousins, 2020/09/25 16:11
We will look to implement a new module in our digital literacy courses. I'm also taken with the Words for Wellbeing being run in Queensland. We'll check that our collection hold the titles featured and approach our local GPs for further suggestions.
Heather , 2020/10/09 09:57
Partnerships with local health centres is a good idea
Merril, 2020/09/25 13:40
Health literacy could be included with Be Connected training for seniors thereby teaching seniors how to navigate and use the My Health Record site.
By targeting specific groups on community.
Including health professionals in an introductory session...citing advantages of using My Health Record
Nerida, 2020/09/25 12:34
Through our Community Outreach service we can support clients in learning about, and if desired, accessing and using My Health Record.
We would also be able to offer information and support through our Tech Time sessions, and could include a section on My Health Record in our ipad training sessions.
While addressing community groups we could also provide them with information about and accessing My Health Record.
Jo, 2020/09/25 09:55
Start small - Targeted user groups (books clubs) digital one-on-one & group information sessions - podcasts in English & other languages series of talks.
Beth, 2020/09/24 23:51
Ways I would Integrate:
1. 1 on 1 Tech Help Sessions for focused questions.
2. BeConnected events in our libraries (Online and In Person)
3. BeConnected Program: With specific lesson plans to address the main areas of having an online health record. With interactive and fun activities both digital and written formats.
4. A component to the Libraries and Hubs Web page, under the digital heading: With short how to videos and important links.
5. Interactive and Multi Modal FAQ Page with hot topics.
5. Make an aspect of the parent talks with the child health nurses. When we do our Better Beginnings New Parents/ Baby Talks, we can address: Adding their new baby to their health record.
Julie Guteridge, 2020/09/24 16:27
Hold info sessions for different groups in the community (accompanied my refreshments). Will try to get somebody from the local medical group, community health, and indigenous health person to be guest speaker on that side of the information. Have signup for one-on-one sessions.
Louise, 2020/09/24 15:56
Could look at including MHR information as...

Online as zoom event
One on one Q&A tech session
Create a words for wellbeing program via our Library website linking directly to our catalogue and with important local contact information
Jacqui, 2020/09/24 14:01
We could incorporate MHR in the library in the following ways:
1. information sessions
2. 1 on 1 mentoring support
3. share links or videos on social media
4. a display of resources and printed material
Jason, 2020/09/24 14:00
Could definitely see benefits in running sessions especially for library users from CALD backgrounds. These could be incorporated into existing sessions. Also I like the idea of having a Health webpage on our library website that could provide links for users to relevant support agencies etc.
Bree, 2020/09/24 13:58
We run Be Connected session in my library, we could add this to the mix. Also I am interested in showcasing the different language YouTube videos inside the library using our EDU touch screen , we have lots of different cultures here.
Pam, 2020/09/24 12:06
I was interested to see that My Health Record has a YouTube channel. We could share some of those videos on our library's social media, using them to also highlight our health resources.
Martin, 2020/09/24 11:58
With the range of digital literacy programs available it is time to collate and curate these so that there is a streamlining of resources.
Judy Nolan, 2020/09/24 11:47
I like the idea of promoting My Health Record to parents at our regular story-time sessions and encourage them to set up records for themselves and their children. We could then run hands-on sessions for those who require assistance.
Elizabeth, 2020/09/23 19:19
A one on one digital session or a group information session where all participants bring their device and set up their My health record. Collaborating with Council Aged and Disability and Maternal Health Team to provide health literacy broadly across the community. Be Connected session would be good setting up My Health record here too.
Anne Armstrong, 2020/09/23 16:24
It would be useful to have one PC as a dedicated training point for both My Gov and My Health Record.
Lauren, 2020/09/23 11:48
Begin promotion at the Better Beginnings stage, and encourage new mums to have theirs and their children's information set up. Using opportunities like Seniors' Week and BeConnected is a good way to motivate the older generation by incorporating My Health with other resources.
Kristin, 2020/09/23 00:15
i think this would be great to promote at any of our programs - i especially like the idea of promoting it to parents at storytime sessions - we could even look to run this session in different languages with an interpreter
Pam Menadue, 2020/09/22 15:56
Hi, all great ideas, I believe a Tech Savvy Seniors on my health record would be popular. Displays of printed Health material with a poster re classes on My health record could also work. Will discuss with team.
Amy, 2020/09/22 15:44
As suggested by other participants, I would suggest incorporating how to use My Health Record, as well as, how to access other health related resources in 1 on 1 and group training sessions. The demographic that My Health Record seems to be targeted at may not have confident digital literacy skills; therefore, providing assistance in face-to-face training situation would work best for learning.
Zoe, 2020/09/22 15:43
All great thoughts Natasha - we could also perhaps promote My Health Record help as part of our 1/2 hr one-on-one Digital Coaching sessions. Also just wanted to say a HUGE hello to Alan :)
Sonia, 2020/09/22 15:36
Topic for discussion in English practice classes and suggest joining sessions such as Be Connected or Seniors online as follow up opportunities to bring online skills up to be able to manage My Health.
Will be great to have correct information regarding security and management of My Health to dispel some of the conspiracy theories that are presented to us on a daily basis.
Natasha, 2020/09/22 14:26
Be Connected event for new digital skills to learn My Health Record, health resources via links on the website, have a discussion about My Health Record at story time especially at Babytime, incorporate for Seniors Week
Oleshya , 2020/09/22 12:57
MyGov and MyHealth record training can be slotted into specific weeks through out the year. Sessions could be linked to promotions anything from Digital Literacy training, to being a Seniors Week activities.

Due to the complexity of the requirements in creating an account it does require stand alone sessions. The focus could primarily be on those with limited digital literacy skills.
Heather , 2020/10/09 09:56
Great idea. Add My Health record to events that we do anyway. New Parent talks, Senior's Centre visits etc
Latifa Rahimi, 2020/09/22 12:34
Information patrons about Digital Health, how to register and use my Health Record.
Brenda Kelly, 2020/09/22 11:47
We can incorporate this into our one-on-one IT help session especially for those wanting to set up their My Health Record. Also, having a page on our library website that is dedicated to health and wellbeing resources would be very useful reference.
Katrine, 2020/09/22 10:22
Lot's of great ideas already shared. I agree that mentioning MHR and the help that libraries can offer at storytimes and tinytots sessions is a good idea. Speaking as a parent whose child had some complex health issues, having a MHR would have been extremely helpful. Having a dedicated health and well being page on our library website is also a good idea to pull together the resources and support we offer.
Renee, 2020/09/22 09:55
Educating all staff so they can assist customers using the public PCs, or they could mention the service during general conversation with patrons when the opportunity arises. Include information into Be Connected sessions. Mention at Storytime sessions, especially if doing a 'doctor' or similar theme. It would also be good to promote with our Words for Wellness collection and online resources. Connect with local doctors/hospitals so they can inform their patients about the assistance available at the Library.
Claire, 2020/09/21 23:09
We could incorporate it fairly easily within our online platforms; educate our frontline staff so that they can provide informal support as required. We do not have a systematic digital literacy program so that is not an option at the moment
Taylor, 2020/09/21 17:01
I would probably make a poster to catch people's attention. Since we aren't really offering any tech help or digital help (or any sort of program except book clubs) at the moment it would at least help get it out there. When we are allowed to run courses again, we could advertise it widely as an info session for My Health Record and use these resources like the practicing page to run simulations with our customers.
Kate, 2020/09/21 16:25
So many great ideas. I think we need to begin with a session on My Gov and then we can develop a pre-recorded overview of MHR and share on FB & our website. Offering one on one assistance using Be Connected as a model would work well as our branches are still closed. Also partnering with local health organisations and linking into our current programming like Conversation Cafe and Early years sessions in partnership with Maternal Health would work well I think
Kate, 2020/09/21 16:25
So many great ideas. I think we need to begin with a session on My Gov and then we can develop a pre-recorded overview of MHR and share on FB & our website. Offering one on one assistance using Be Connected as a model would work well as our branches are still closed. Also partnering with local health organisations and linking into our current programming like Conversation Cafe and Early years sessions in partnership with Maternal Health would work well I think
Cathy , 2020/09/21 16:12
I agree that it would be great to include this with our Be connected programming. We could also run workshops in Senior's Week as well as Youth Week. We could partner with community health and the local Medical Centre.
Anna, 2020/09/21 14:20
We could incorporate My Health record information into our Conversation Café sessions. (spoken English practice classes).
We could also run a separate event during Seniors week.
Claudia Honnery, 2020/09/21 14:10
Partnering with our local Community Centre.
Donna, 2020/09/21 13:39
I think it would be great information for a seniors information session and then if they have further interest and questions a 1 on 1 session could be arranged.
Cindy, 2020/10/06 10:27
I agree Donna. The one on one sessions should target those who have a further interest. Information sessions for Seniors on health and related information is always needed.
We could also target an information chat before or after a Storytime to let families know about the health/online information sessions we have that they may be interested in also.
Phillipa Beasley-Cater, 2020/09/19 16:17
working in a public Library you could incorporate it in many ways like 1 on 1 seasons or group classes and also our tech morning tea sessions also through sessions for the seniors week that comes in October. you could combine both Mygov and My health record sessions in one.
Ashleigh, 2020/09/19 12:31
As many others have said here, our team plans to incorporate the My Health Record training into our Rewire digital literacy training sessions. We will also be training our staff that run the one-on-one Rewire sessions in MHR so that we can help individuals also. We may also look at further options such as Webinar style videos that can be accessed from home on important topics such as MHR & MyGov.
Kylie, 2020/09/18 22:30
Like most I think one on one would be best for people who need help or like to ask questions then we could explain or show areas they are interested in. Small groups would help people get the basic info so they could start themselves if they felt confident.
Ida Bright, 2020/09/18 15:40
Offering information sessions to migrant backgrounds on about MyHealth and MyGov, into small digestible sessions. This could help them to understand how to best utilize these resources. Due to COVID it would be difficult to achieve this through in person, so recorded videos in migrant respective languages may be helpful
Joanne Nixon, 2020/09/18 13:29
We could host small group training for those wanting to join my health - information session only. For those wanting extra help we could do one-on-one sessions.
Tahnia , 2020/09/18 10:01
Small group training for any age. Look and learn PowerPoint presentations, where we assist users basic account set up. If possible supply iPads during these sessions.
Jennifer , 2020/09/17 15:09
Offer Mygov and MY Health courses with seniors week and part of computer classes
Tony, 2020/10/06 15:43
it certainly would be a good addition to our MyGov classes at Libraries Tasmania
Leonie, 2020/09/17 14:22
We could hold an information session on My Health and My Gov. Then follow up with one on one help with registrations.
Carolyn, 2020/09/17 14:02
My Health Record could certainly be a subject offered in our 1:1 sessions. It could also be the subject of introductory workshops, once COVID regulations permit, with participants using iPads or library PCs to access My Health Record resources to explore the subject. Similarly, in time, this could be demonstrated using iPads during community outreach visits to various community groups. A dedicated health resources page on the library website, including links to My Health Record resources would also be valuable.
Heather , 2020/10/09 09:54
Great idea. Maybe hold it as a webinar during our covid restrictions or as a video link from the library website
Jacqui, 2020/09/17 12:21
We are currently in the process of launching our Words for Wellness Collection and it would be great to have a workshop promoting the collection and the other resources available including My Health Record. I will also be printing off some of the resources to place with the Words for Wellness Collection.
Diana, 2020/09/16 19:13
We offer the BeConnected sign up and sessions. Maybe a carefully designed MyGov session mentioning My Health Record. We'recareful of privacy and don't set up accounts for people. I still like the idea of a noticeboard with information about different sources of help and digital info - somewhere to get started...
Linda, 2020/09/16 15:49
Organise promotion of MHR as part of community programs and e-learning sessions in partnership with Council's health advocates (from Maternal and Child Health, Aged care) and possibly community based health providers. Link sessions with health resource displays, e-resource carousels on OPAC, and digital platforms; promote via soical media posts
Samantha, 2020/09/16 15:45
Incorporate an introduction to MHR into existing ICT classes with take home information and links. Partner with other Council Departments such as Positive Ageing to run sessions onsite and at outreach locations.
Shauna, 2020/09/16 12:59
It would be great to promote My Health Record to the many community groups which meet (usually) in our Community Centres & Hubs. It would also be good to partner with Libraries to help deliver information sessions / workshops.
I like the idea of a specific Health and Wellbeing page (either on Council's website or Libraries).
Although our organisation already has a lot of health specific resources available to our community the information is often not easy to find and is spread out across different websites.
Jurgi, 2020/09/16 11:58
Working at a public library, this could be part of one on one sessions, it could also be inserted into other digital literacy courses but it would only be an introduction as managing MHR is quite involved. Then stand alone sessions could be organised to go more in depth. Information about the courses and general resources could also be embedded on the library's website - Health and Wellbeing section.
Kathryn, 2020/09/16 10:47
I would like to add My Health Record as a stand alone session as it is quite involved, especially if you do not already have a myGov acount and/or for those with lower digital literacy skills and I feel that including that in any of our current programming could be overwhelming the participants with information.
Jane, 2020/09/15 14:27
so many good ideas - a good discussion topic for English conversation groups and incorporating into digital literacy programs. An opportunity to cross promote leaning activities.
Kathryn , 2020/09/16 10:50
So to clarify, I mean that it should be added to the suite of classes already running rather than a piece inserted into a current session.
Lynette, 2020/09/15 13:36
Some great ideas. I agree that linking in with the Be Connected program seems a great place to start.
Karen Vardon, 2020/09/14 16:35
There are some great idea listed in the comments above. I think an online help desk /training session would be good to start.
Sharyn Sturre, 2020/09/14 14:30
There have been many opportunities as can be seen by the various comments already made. We could implement one on one digital health training with customers, focus during special health weeks such as diabetes awareness, work with other Council departments that support community health and well being such as Aged and Disability. The Federal and State Governments could also provide material for provision of Australia-wide links through library web pages to My Health training for customer information, together with funding to ensure all libraries have access to key online health resources; only the wealthier city libraries can afford such resources for their communities.
Debra Orsini, 2020/10/01 16:01
Lots of opportunities for us to discuss here Sharyn. Add a Health and Wellbeing page to our website, Partnership opportunities and on-on-one sessions, just to get us started!
Andrew (Onkaparinga Libraries), 2020/09/14 13:23
We could definitely introduce My Health Record training in our Digital Help One on One sessions. I think we would also be able to do an online webinar as well as creating a health literacy page on our website. Inhouse sessions for small groups are also a possibility.
Sarah, 2020/09/14 12:25
We could add them to our IT help 1 on 1 classes, or run specialist computer classes specifically for this.
Karen, 2020/09/14 12:23
Ideally we would run information sessions for small groups, or 1:1 where special assistance is required. However, with current COVID restrictions in Melbourne, we need to consider digital sessions, whether pre-recorded or interactive Zoom sessions. We could partner with other Council departments or specialists in our area, for example Monash Health, Link Health as there are already some excellent resources available.
Promotion through the library website, or as a mention on social media can reach a certain demographic, but for some of our older, less tech savvy patrons, we could make phone calls to them directly.
Natasha (Yarra Libraries), 2020/09/14 11:23
Some great ideas here.

I would like to work with our Council Aged and Disability team and see if we can share the information resources with their clients in the form of a brochure and have library staff assist them over the phone, online. Also train home care staff to share this information when they attend visits.
Brimbank Libraries, 2020/09/11 15:36
Practice your English and a special Computer class
Georgie (Melbourne Library Service), 2020/09/14 14:41
Ideally this would be promoted in partnership with a health body that provides free or subsidised checkups or info sessions in a council supplied meeting room space. I'm thinking skin checks in partnership with anti-cancer council, flu vaccinations, teeth checks for kids in conjunction with dentistry school. Covid vaccinations ( if we ever get there). Either in spaces where libraries already have a shared presence like community hubs or as a library popup.
Dahlia McCracken, 2020/09/11 15:16
I think My Health Record could be incorporated in tech events for seniors. Libraries should also have My Health record fliers/brochures for handing out to customers, for example: new migrant settling in Aus, an elderly who's needing help in Mygov or have any digital health enquiries, a parent who have a child attending F5F program/ has gone for immunisation clinic. A staff should also be able to assist the customer signing up/navigating in My Health record on the spot, if they're needing help.
Renee, 2020/09/11 14:58
We could offer 1 on 1 training through our digital literacy program. During COVID we could offer on online Tutorial.
Fiona , 2020/09/11 14:48
Incorporate with Be Connected training for seniors, also when running MyGov sessions touch on MY Health record and how to link to their already existing services. Seesions are run on a monthly basis.
Jadine, 2020/09/11 14:11
-Bringing awareness to this service and the benefits it provides would be the first step
-Using existing programs, you can highlight this service and "spark" an interest
-A straightforward example may just be a MyGov series, which is of course the essential first step, and could include ATO, and centrelink (services which often require assistance)
-Would also be worth highlighting in other programs, to target a variety of patrons
*A "new parents group", may be interested in keeping track of child's health such as immunisation
*A "cooking tips for diabetics event", chronic health suffers would find this resource useful
-Once more individuals are aware, then developing specific workshops or events on MyHealth record can be put into place
Cass, 2020/09/24 15:31
Love the thoughts about other programs that it would be useful to highlight in, especially new parents groups!
Catherine, 2020/10/15 11:30
I love all these ideas - and as a mum of a toddler and a Children and Youth Services librarian the new parents group suggestion jumped out!
Christine Papadimatos, 2020/09/11 11:55
We could implement a day where customers can come into the library and we can show them how to use it. Maybe a once a month and advertise in advance.
Mel, 2020/09/28 16:27
a MyGov series is a great idea, particularly when targeted to the needs of specific groups such as new parents or seniors
Scott Steensma, 2020/09/11 11:28
During COVID restrictions we could film an introductory video to familiarise our borrowers with MyHealth Record, and link them into our health related collections. When restrictions are eased we run regular computer literacy classes where we could demonstrate the MyHealth Record system and how to access it.
Julie Peebles, 2020/09/11 11:25
I think we could use this information on My Health Records as one on one sessions in smaller libraries, and maybe to a Seniors group session on a larger scale.
Kaye, 2020/10/13 15:24
I like the idea of filming a basic overview type video explaining what My health is and how it can be useful which could be added to our digital literacy links on the website and social media channels so it can be accessed as required. This could then be followed up with support in our device advice sessions.
Jason, 2020/09/11 11:22
We could talk about My Health Record during our Storytimes, our Coffee & Chat or Practice Your English sessions, especially around various health awareness weeks, relevant to each group
Julie Peebles, 2020/09/11 11:21
Reading some of the comments I was curious to find out more about the Be connected website. It's a great tool to use for seniors or just beginners. I also liked the idea that some libraries have suggested Heath Apps. on their website. Another good tool was the My Heath You tube channel.
Jenny, 2020/09/10 16:34
For any of the special weeks eg, women's health, cancer, dementia or any health issue week libraries could hold sessions on Mygov and Myhealth with members of the public.
Gary Edge, 2020/09/10 15:44
Look at integrating it into our Be Connected program. Also look at getting Centrelink presenters to give training sessions for customers on how to use My Health
Sharyn, 2020/09/10 14:48
We could have MyGov and MyHealthRecord sessions in the library and accessible from our web page. We could also promote our health and wellbeing resources online and at the library.
Faye, 2020/09/10 09:39
Record a My Health Record info video and make it accessible from the library web page at any time.
Julie Peebles, 2020/09/18 11:15
Great idea Sharyn, It would be good to have the My Gov link and My Health Record link on the Library Webpage.
Shivali, 2021/03/16 14:55
I like the idea of having a link on the library website to help train customers and give them more information about My Health Record.
Faye, 2020/09/10 09:35
A Health Awareness week promoted at the library with sessions on MyGov and MyHealthRecord; promotion of health resources in branch and online. Perhaps with a focus on seniors.
Michelle, 2020/09/10 08:43
Include My Health Record information in other library health events.
maria, 2020/09/10 12:54
Good idea for Seniors Week
Julie Peebles, 2020/09/18 11:12
Good idea Maria -
it would be good for seniors week - a good launch opportunity
Heather, 2020/09/21 12:07
Faye, having a dedicated Health Awareness week is a great idea. I like the idea of highlighting all our health resources complemented by training sessions.
Tina, 2020/09/09 16:49
Include in training and information sessions to promote awareness of My Health portal then further down the track promote sessions on learning to use the my health website, either as a stand alone or included in Be Connected.
Vesna, 2020/09/11 15:15
Good idea, promote awareness and benefits.
Albert Bergoc, 2020/09/09 16:23
We have just reinstated our Digital Help program (dedicated 1 on 1 sessions) and could now offer support to users to access and use their My Health Record. I also like the idea of highlighting My Health Record in a Be Connected workshop!
Nittink, 2020/09/09 14:39
We can incorpote the information to digital Literacy manuals and spend sometime in promting resources on Health and wellbeing at the end of the sesion
Cathy, 2020/09/09 13:58
My Health Record could form of the Be Connected program. My Health Simulator could also be used to allow participants how to navigate using mouse, privacy, security, etc.
Susan Cilia, 2020/09/08 16:12
Incorporate MyHealth Record training into our Book a Librarian sessions.
Run a training session for adults on MyHealth record and other health and wellness resources.
Anne-Marie, 2020/09/08 11:11
At our urban libraries a specific session on My Health Record could be beneficial. We could promote it through interagency networks specifically to health related service providers. In the outlying areas we could let the local neighbourhood houses know that specific one to one training is available to the community. Also adding it onto BeConnected training is a good option. Providing training to other volunteer organisations such as the community legal volunteers, neighbourhood house volunteer and online access centre volunteers could make sure there are more options for support in the community.
Wendy, 2020/09/07 12:49
There are some really great ideas already mentioned. I would love to see our library service offer dedicated 1 on 1 sessions to really help people work their way through their My Health Record. We could also expand the sessions into workshops that also allow time to go over their security and look at some of the other great health and wellbeing websites that have been shared.
shirley venuto, 2020/09/03 16:03
We run a Be Connected workshop fortnightly, we could incorporate it in theses sessions
Julie, 2020/09/03 13:59
All great ideas, I think what would work for our library service is a My Gov session, and incorporate the My Health Record Training in that.
Vicki Kendrigan, 2020/09/03 12:27
We could introduce My Health training in our Tech Savvy sessions.
Chi, 2020/10/09 11:45
We could offer this combined session in popular community languages, too.
Fiona Thackray, 2020/09/03 11:57
Moving forward a basic introduction to the My Health record would be of benefit to everyone in the community. From there maybe individual or small group sessions could be created to support clients to access and set up their My Health accounts.
All teams within the Library environment could be promoting this tool - as you don't need to be old to have health issues.
maria, 2020/09/10 12:51
great idea Vicki
Sue Kelly, 2020/09/28 16:26
Thats a great idea Vicky and would work well.
vicki, 2020/10/30 14:23
I think some really good ideas maybe a display followed up by one on one sessions
Susan Anaru, 2020/09/02 16:35
We have a few computer basic classes at our library and we could start some new classes on this topic. Maybe spread them out over a set of classes that will help to create an account to how to manage the account and so much more. I am even going to create my own account and this will make it more familiar for me to promote My Health Record.
Anne, 2020/10/31 11:18
I was thinking of the same thing Fiona - run a basic intro session and then offer 1 on 1 appointments for those that require more help with setting up their accounts/records
Petra, 2020/09/01 15:58
My Health Record information session held in library as overview with options to book 1:1 sessions afterwards for more detailed approach and assistance.
Outreach team liaising with age care centres to approach seniors.
Britney Sero, 2020/09/01 11:40
We could include a module on My Health Record in Be connected seminars running this September.
Britney Sero, 2020/09/01 11:39
We could segue any my gov related queries by our pc patrons into looking at My Health Record.
Tracy, 2020/08/29 11:31
great ideas everyone. I think for my library service as we are also connected to the Be Connected program dedicated sessions on My Health Record would work well. I would like to investigate using the simulator for those sessions as well. I really liked the health apps some library services were promoting and wonder about combining an intro to My Health Record with some information on Health and Wellbeing apps as well :)
Robert, 2020/08/28 10:01
I'm not working in a library yet, but I would run a session on health literacy, with a variety of resources given, including those mentioned in this course. My Health Record would be mentioned as well.
Jo , 2020/09/28 18:46
Information on where to find reliable and trusted information online is so important. Plus how to assess if a site is reliable. It would be important to incorporate that into any displays with information on My Health Record...maybe in late October, if our library is open.
Laura Ellul, 2020/08/26 13:15
My Health Record could be incorporated into current Digital Literacy programs with the addition of a dedicated Health Literacy day or hour. Staff would then be able to talk about the benefits of My Health Record and do demonstrations for clients to see how it is done.
Lee, 2020/08/25 13:08
Online Programming.
Melinda McNaughton, 2020/08/24 14:40
During this time, we have moved all our programming online for the immediate future. We have been offering online tutorials and I can see that we can film one for My Health Record and include what we physical and online resources that we have. A video tutorial of would be a great addition as we do have this resource.
Julie Canals, 2020/08/24 13:33
October is health literacy month. If COVID-19 restrictions has not closed your service, you may be able to provide training around how to use My Health Record and other digital health information/databases. For those of us whose library is closed, perhaps a digital promotion around Health and Wellbeing could be considered.
Jeff, 2020/08/28 16:31
Having monthly or bi-monthly workshops using the MHR simulator to encourage patrons in keeping aware of the latest health treatments and trends.
Suz, 2020/08/22 11:01
All ideas above great - like the one about exploring My Health Record as an extension of existing programs; important that libraries offer programs that achieve the following outcomes and My Health Record awareness meets 4 of 6 outcomes:
Literacy & lifelong learning; Informed & connected citizens; Digital inclusion; Personal development & wellbeing
Gabrielle, 2020/09/21 23:53
Wonderful ideas! I like highlighting it during October for health literacy month. Perhaps we could host an information session, have a display and booking times for one on one sessions.
Tab, 2020/09/22 09:02
Now is a really good time to start looking at this with patrons while everyone is involved with monitoring their individual health due to Covid concerns.
Robyn, 2020/10/27 14:16
Covid has certainly made us more aware of digital resources
E, 2020/11/13 12:21
Group sessions are the way to go!
Katrine, 2020/08/20 11:29
Digital literacy program could provide a beginners workshop that uses the My Health Record simulator as a learning tool for basic computer concepts and mouse use. Using the MHR simulator means that learners are learning on a site that is current and relevant to them which means they are more likely to be interested and focused.
Sharon, 2020/09/17 09:46
Good idea!
Katrine, 2020/08/20 11:20
Health literacy could be included as an extension of Be Connected training for seniors thereby teaching seniors how to navigate and use the My Health Record site.
Marilyn.B, 2020/10/08 09:45
I agree Katrine, an addition to Be Connected is one way of informing seniors of My Health Record. Promotion would be a must, radio, social media, in house( went libraries are open) newspapers.
Maddison, 2020/08/17 16:22
Health literacy, particularly My Health Record, could be incorporated into workshops on data security. Participants could be stepped through how their data is used and how they can choose who sees their information.
Joanne, 2020/09/14 10:13
I agree Katrine, it could be incorporated into our Be Connected Sessions for all ages making it more beneficial
Cheryl M, 2020/08/14 16:34
Anna , 2020/08/28 15:10
We could incorporate the information about My health record in our Digital 1 on 1 sessions. Also have a dedicated computer to train customers on.
rhonda debono, 2020/09/21 14:16
I think a one to session would be very helpful to some one wanting to start their health record
Maria, 2020/10/13 16:09
I agree a one to session would be very helpful.
Michelle, 2020/10/30 15:02
One on one would be particularly useful for elderly or non computer literate patrons - in post Covid times of course. We would not necessarily need to see the person's health information, just the basics, which we would normally be privy to on their library memberships anyway. We could run several sessions with each person, for about 15 minutes, introducing each section of the website in a separate section so as not to overwhelm.
John Brooks, 2021/01/06 14:09
Hi, I agree. Pre-COVID we were having regular digital literacy sessions (with a focus on different aspects - online safety, different devices, etc), and it would be simple enough to program a My Health Record session into those - when we are able to get going again.
Lyndell Lenane, 2021/04/11 22:48
During 2020, many people learnt how to use Zoom for the first time. Many people prefer the convenience of free online webinars and training. It would be good to schedule some events, of course targeting particular groups at times that are convenient to them to access the online training. They could book providing an email address, and be sent confirmation by email. We could use eventbrite booking system. That way, they get sent an automatic reminder the prior to the webinar and options to set in their calendars. Is this possible?

I agree one-on-one options are very desirable. One could partner with local nursing homes, and offer the sessions to both the residents and their carers/relatives. This would be great.
Catherine Fitch, 2020/10/16 14:58
I agree. We have digital one-on-ones in non-COVID times for elderly customers. This could easily be turned into a my health record session. The only issue would be customer privacy.
Lyndell Lenane, 2021/04/11 22:56
Privacy might not be an issue for customers who haven't yet set up a My Health Record, or for those who opted out at the time. Plus, we don't have to go into any of their documents. There's the Privacy Act 1988 and My Health Records Rule 2016, My Health Records Act 2012 to consider. Or we could pose this question of privacy in library training of My Health Record to the partners: ALIA - APLA, Australian Digital Health Agency for guidance on privacy issues.
Kellie Hazard, 2021/04/15 15:54
Good points Lyndell about the privacy aspects. I wonder if there are any mock-up examples, such as the simulated ones we see in this training program, that libraries could use if doing a small group session to get around any potential privacy issues?
There have been some excellent ideas for ways to share from everyone, particularly even just informing about it at other events such as Baby Rhyme time or bilingual events, so it's not as confronting for those who aren't as confident with computers and who wouldn't sign up to a digital literacy session.
Satinder, 2021/07/13 16:03
I am agree one on one lesson would be very beneficial for seniors might be a privacy issue too.
Marg MUIRSON, 2020/10/20 15:34
Absolutely agree - sharing time one on one is our best method in providing information particularly with those lacking computer confidence.
Tracey, 2021/03/11 15:41
One on one sessions would work best in our library.
Marilyn, 2021/03/30 07:25
I agree, with follow up if needed
Anuradha Bijukumar, 2020/10/08 10:37
I agree with Rhonda. It would benefit our patrons to navigate and set up their My health record if we run a one on one session.
Brooklyn, 2020/10/13 11:38
I agree - it would be really handy to showcase that My Health Record is a service that's really so handy - not everyone may know exactly how useful it is and exactly how best to utilise it, they might not even know about the features such as being able to restrict/allow certain health documents and so forth. Even though some Libraries may not have been able to resume 1 on 1 Digital Health sessions, it would be great and useful to be able to host a workshop that just goes over these features, just to really help people to get to know My Health Record.
Marise , 2020/10/23 13:57
I also agree with libraries providing one-on-one sessions in relation to 'My health record.'
I think one-on-one is especially beneficial in this type of situation because what each patron hopes to achieve using 'My health record' is likely to vary according to their personal needs and level of computer literacy.

I think it would also be great if libraries were able to provide free ongoing sessions/events to the public in relation to wider health literacy as it is an important issue and is constantly changing.
Loretta, 2021/03/30 11:04
Yes, I agree with other comments regarding having a One-on-One session relating to 'My Health Training' within the Library Service & it's benefits to those people in our community needing health- related help & support.
Anne, 2020/10/26 10:44
I agree with introducing one-on-one sessions in relation to 'My health record.' Or even a group of 6 at once in a 1-2 hour session that patrons could book in for.
Carolyn Connors, 2020/10/29 13:32
Yes I agree, one on one sessions of My Health Record in the library would ensure privacy of the patron's information, and enable the information to move at the right pace for the patron.
Elizabeth Allan, 2021/03/10 10:04
Our library has offered varying courses of this type to our community in the past. The hardest part of offering these types of services comes from issues surrounding COVID safe plans. (Although our latest one was an information session about Immunisations, but had to be cancelled due to lack of numbers.)
I think group sessions would be the most useful, with each person booked in, being in front of a PC and following a facilitator to navigate through the different websites.
Lyndell Lenane, 2021/04/11 23:02
Yes, group sessions with a limited number of participants in a well resourced training room would be ideal. The problem is, many small regional NSW public library branches do not have these facilities. That would require a partnership with local councils or local TAFE colleges or other organisations that have the facilities, e.g. local hospitals or community health centres. This is not typically done, so would require some real community mindedness. BTW I'm looking for work and I'm community minded AND a qualified librarian living in a regional NSW town (happy to relocate for ongoing employment).
Lyndell Lenane, 2021/04/11 23:12
Yes, group sessions with a limited number of participants in a well resourced training room would be ideal. The problem is, many small regional NSW public library branches do not have these facilities. That would require a partnership with local councils or local TAFE colleges or other organisations that have the facilities, e.g. local hospitals or community health centres. This is not typically done, so would require some real community mindedness. BTW I'm looking for work and I'm community minded AND a qualified librarian living in a regional NSW town (happy to relocate for ongoing employment).
Deb, 2020/10/09 10:02
Offering as part of the library's one-on-one sessions, sessions specifically catering to My health record.
Chi, 2020/10/09 11:56
Yes, we could use our 30-minute eHelp session program to assist customers - tailoring the sessions to their individual needs.
Brigid, 2020/10/14 15:15
These are all great ideas. Our library is very multicultural and also has a huge number of young families. We could do information sessions in our bilingual storytimes and babytimes and also promote MHR when signing up for library membership. Our 1 to 1 sessions could also include MyHealthRecord training as a focus. A lot of people struggle using EGov (and computers in general) to manage their information so we could have workshops to assist people. Health is an issue for us all and is getting more complicated.
Kristen, 2020/10/16 14:08
I agree that as part of MyGov training (specifically targeted or incidental) introducing patrons to features of My Health record would make sense.
Helen , 2020/10/27 12:21
What a terrific idea to have someone from Maternal and Child Health at our story times, particularly our baby story times, to educate parents on health matters. Other visitors from Family Services within the shire could create a welcome partnership with libraries to promote the use of My Health Record. The BeConnected program is another opportunity to educate patrons about the importance of registering for My Health Record.
Stephanie MCDONALD, 2020/10/30 17:35
I agree Helen. Our Library runs the storytime program and Maternal Child Health nurse sessions back to back, but concurrently ran together would be more collaborative, and probably more efficient for a new parents schedule. In longer sessions we could educate new parents on the benefits of the Child Development section on the My Health Record.
Catherine Fitch, 2020/10/16 15:01
I love the idea of having a child-health nurse at story-times or our infants programme.
Alice, 2020/10/20 16:17
I agree. Would be a fantastic way to integrate a number of our council child-related services together: Immunisation clinic awareness, Child-Health services with library resources/programming.
Margot, 2020/10/29 13:20
I think this is a great idea- we have a Community Health Nurse in the same complex as where the public library is.
Debbie, 2020/10/29 13:34
This all sounds great .
bee, 2020/11/13 13:00
its a great origination so you know how to organize all your stuff ect. great when you need to follow up your health records as well.
Hannah, 2020/10/19 15:42
Agree with all of the above.

We run digital literacy classes on various topics for up to six people, as well as Tech Q&A sessions where patrons can book half an hour with a librarian to address a specific issue. Both of these would be suitable for assisting with MyHealth Record.

We have also run slightly larger talks (approx 15 people) facilitated by DHHS workers to explain MyGov in general. Would like to look into doing one specifically for MyHealth - and now would feel more confident delivering this in-house rather than sourcing a DHHS staff member.

For multicultural communities, it would be useful to collaborate with our local Community Centre or Neighbourhood House as they have wider language capabilities than we do, as well as access to demographics who may not come into the library as often.

Also love the idea of inviting health workers to storytimes. Could be worth speaking to the local maternal health clinics about this as well.
Bee, 2020/10/25 07:48
I was going to say the same thing Julie !
Margot, 2020/10/29 13:21
Haha, so was I!
Nancy Liviero, 2021/07/20 12:34
Health workers, addressing or being invited to library events is a great idea. Having them at events like Story Time and conversational classes is a great, non-threatening environment for patrons to ask questions and build rapport with health teams.
Erika, 2021/01/11 12:36
Incorporating information at storytimes and babytimes is such a great idea!
Julie Constable, 2020/10/19 15:34
We offer one on one tech talks in our library service. I think these would be suitable for assisting patrons with My Health Record although one would have to be aware of privacy issues while helping them navigate.
Larissa , 2020/10/29 14:47
I was thinking the same thing, Julie. This is something we could incorporate into Tech Talks, - I know I have had patrons request assistance with MyGov previously. I totally agree with your point about the privacy implications.
Margaret Kirchner, 2021/01/19 09:45
Might be incorporated as a unit in digital classes
Lissa, 2020/10/27 14:28
offer it as a one on one session
Paulina , 2020/10/28 15:13
great idea to run as a one on one session
Wendy, 2020/10/29 14:33
We already run various digital programs and My Health Record session could be another module
Cassie, 2020/11/04 09:55
I believe it would be great to include this in the 1 on 1 digital sessions
Vicki, 2020/10/30 15:20
Incorporating into 1 on 1 digital sessions is a great idea. Maybe an handout as well, and even a group session might be a good idea.
K, 2021/05/29 15:00
Definitely agree with 1-1 'tech' info sessions, followed up with some form of handout for people to take away. There are many who still struggle with simple computer functionality so by giving them an easy to use 'guide' on how to access it etc, I think would be great :)
Crystal, 2021/07/12 10:30
That's a great idea because they can also take it away and show their friends and family and encourage them to either sign up themselves or come in to the library for help.
Julie, 2020/12/21 14:51
It would be helpful to have time allocated to sit with someone 1:1 and assist them to work with their My Health Record. It is also helpful to have a more detailed understanding of My Health Record so that, for example, if someone asks for help in setting up a My Gov account, we can have an informed discussion about the benefits of linking in their My Health Record.
Charlotte Aberhart, 2020/12/30 14:53
I see the value also being in 1:1 sessions, and ensuring that all staff are comfortable with showing the patron the basics, with some privacy tips. I think people that need help setting it up are most likely to benefit from a 1:1 session than in a group class.
Marilyn, 2021/03/30 07:24
Fabulous idea
Virginia Martin, 2021/05/17 17:11
I feel that My Health Record will become more important as we continue to live with Covid-19. Our library offers a 1:1 IT help sessions and offering this as an area of interest would be beneficial. In addition having a comprehensive list of useful health and wellbeing links from the library website would be advantageous for our patrons. Sometimes it can be overwhelming looking for reliable, trusted and accurate information.
William Ballantyne AALIA(CP), 2020/09/13 06:56
Public Library information literacy programming should always be aware of health an medical information due to the relatively high proportion of elderly or disabled individuals participating in your info lit and user tech training. So this sort of thing is great. Also specially interesting for people during a pandemic.
Tanya G, 2020/09/30 09:47
That's a great idea Bill.
Jarvia, 2020/10/01 11:19
I agree with bill specially all the libraries who has a staff member who speaks other languages they can help multicultural coming into the libraries and obviously we can help as well people who speak english and having a book a librarian we can help as well hopefully when libraries can open we can help more or by phone as well
bee, 2020/11/13 13:02
great for people that are unsure how to work these kind of things also, (the elderly ect) very great leading information!
Dina, 2020/10/13 10:48
I think this is a great idea
Bill Qi, 2020/09/14 08:43
I will incorporate the Health literacy with my Chinese Book Club. Most of them are aged member. It is very important to let them know and also teach them how to complete it on My.Gov page. Through this course, I know that you will never know when you might need it when you are in emergency. Specially we are all getting old. My Gov health record can save our life.
Sharon, 2020/09/14 14:51
I agreed with Bill to incorporate this training with the Chinese book club first. We have an online Chinese book group too and most of them are seniors with limited English. So we can start with them and expanded to the wider Chinese community.
Alan, 2020/11/19 14:49
Thanks for that idea. Our Chinese co-ordinator is always looking for new topics for the Chinese Social Group
Brenda, 2020/09/14 15:33
Great idea Bill! It could then be incorporated into programs for other LOTE language groups. It could also be promoted to all book clubs, as it's important information for all age groups.
Tess, 2020/09/29 15:17
That sounds like a great idea, we could also mention it as an available topic to discuss at Be Connected sessions and give flyers about this during digital workshops etc.
V, 2020/10/02 10:38
Great idea Bill. We could also add this into our regular English Conversation Club sessions, helping the members access information and an understanding of the My Health Record in their own language.
Narelle, 2020/10/13 15:05
This is a logical and easy to incorporate way to introduce MyHealthRecord information to patrons.
Alan, 2020/11/19 14:52
Our English conversation group often attracts people who have have (had, before COVID!) arrived only a few weeks ago. If we transferred the group to the computer room MyHealth Record would be a great topic.
Warwick, 2020/09/14 14:44
We could look at incorporating MyHealthRecord information into our one on one digibasics sessions, and provide links to health resources directly from our website.
Jess, 2020/09/16 14:02
I think this is a great idea, Maddison. Privacy and data security are such important issues that many patrons are concerned about, it would be great to help people have more of an understanding of these issues in the context of My Health Record.
Annette, 2020/11/09 15:08
I like Warwick's idea. Incorporating MyHealthRecord information into our digital classes and providing links to health resources on our website would work very well at my library service.
Jo, 2020/09/18 16:59
So many great ideas. Including in our Digital one on ones is a great idea. I would also like to run some workshops in collaboration with some of the organisations we work closely with, including the local AMEP provider, the migrant resource centre and the Humanitarian Settlement Program provider in our area.
Tama, 2020/10/02 14:43
I also agree Jeanette,
liasing with U3A, Neighbourhood houses or New Parent Groups about 'My Health Record' is a great idea.
Russell, 2020/10/09 11:23
As I work with new parents and run early years literacy programs I agree with Tama and could a general introduction to "My Health Record".
Jeanette, 2020/09/22 13:02
In addition to one-on one sessions public libraries often host meetings or run outreach programs in partnership with U3A, Neighborhood Houses or New Parent Groups where information sessions and one on one support are often welcomed. Seniors Week or local Expo's can provide opportunities to engage community.
Alcina, 2020/09/23 14:45
I agree Jeanette,
We also run internet style classes through some of our community centres (as well as our one on ones). Each week we look at a different topic/site such as BeConnected, so could easily work the MyGov and MyHealthRecord into these sessions. Seniors week in particular is a great idea.
Evelyn, 2020/10/07 15:03
I like the idea of liaising with Neighborhood houses, U3A's and new parent groups. Our library service also outreaches to small country towns where information sessions and one on one support is welcomed too. I'm sure we could provide info sessions with My Health Record.
Great idea's.
Jen, 2020/10/18 13:46
That's great idea Jeanette
Stephanie MCDONALD, 2020/10/30 17:39
Jeanette and Alcina have great suggestions. These could also be ran as introduction sessions to a larger audience, especially to those enrolled in the BeConnected Program.
Lei, 2020/09/23 18:14
That is a great idea Jeanette. Especially useful during Seniors week, provide booking system and give one on one session to senior customers.
E, 2020/10/07 15:18
I agree that it would be a fantastic opportunity to have one on one sessions during seniors week
Anna, 2020/10/12 15:20
great ideas of incorporating with existing programs and events as well as liasing with Neighbourhood houses.
kelly, 2020/09/24 09:47
I think our patrons would highly value MyHealth Record training maybe as a specially run group program as well as in our language cafe program, for new migrants.. and also maybe we could incorporate it into our one on one sessions which are always in demand.
Tanya G, 2020/09/30 09:52
I agree that one to one sessions, and a dedicated computer would be a great option for several reasons.
There is the potential for very personal information to be brought up by patrons during support of this nature.
Also I hate the idea of trying to help someone with this while also dealing with the competing demands of other library users, might work in a very quiet library, but the one I work in is very rarely quiet.
Brooklyn, 2020/10/13 11:40
Oooh, online/Zoom sessions to give information about My Health Records would be brilliant! Great idea!
Larissa , 2020/10/29 14:49
These are really good points!
Renya, 2020/09/30 16:25
I was thinking the same. We run both one on one digital sessions and "Be Connected "online training via Zoom. I sure we could incorporate Health Record Information as well.
Mesh , 2020/10/01 15:23
I was thinking we could produce flyers that could be placed in patrons books at the time of borrowing advertising My Health Record. These flyers could advise that trained staff at the library were available for assistance and people could call and book a time
Sabine Aeschlimann, 2020/10/06 09:13
- Special Tech Talk one-on-one
- produce flyers to promote it
Hanna Glowacka, 2020/10/06 13:29
I think My Health literacy can be incorporated in library Literacy programs such as organised training sessions for people interested in to join and navigate the MH website. It could be as organised session for a group or one to one.
Heather , 2020/10/09 09:48
A Zoom session on My health record is a great idea. One on one sessions would work really well after covid restrictions ease. We could also actively promote our health databases and print resources available on loan
Lynn, 2020/10/19 09:59
If we had the resources available we could run zoom sessions on my health record. We could incorporate training in tech talks, mention its availability at all the sessions we run across the region. In larger libraries I like the idea of a dedicated terminal for access to my health record. We can also publicise our many and varied online data bases, books and other resources relating to heath.
Stephanie MCDONALD, 2020/10/30 17:42
Linh zoom idea is great. People who may have concerns over privacy can follow along at home, taking notes and asking questions in the text chat anonymously.
Jenny Suen, 2021/01/30 19:22
Using digital skills always hard to the elderly, especially they haven't any knowledge on computer or internet, it is helpful to giving instruction and assistance to them about how to use online resources. Hence, how to use My Health Record that may suitable for advanced digital literacy program. It really depends the audiences' education of digital knowledge.
Marcelle, 2021/03/31 16:22
Good comments - literacy sessions in house and via zoom could incorporate my health record into programming. One on one or smaller sessions would be the way to proceed.
Linh, 2020/10/06 14:16
My health record could be Incorporate into current digital literacy programming as
Live session on zoom - One on one or group training.
More promotion to alert people about "My health record"
Kristen, 2020/10/16 14:14
This is a great idea. Also, running the sessions via Zoom could solve the privacy dilemma mentioned in another post, as long as participants were willing to ask questions that may relate to their own health in a small group.
Janine, 2020/10/07 13:25
Good outreach program to deliver in lifestyle centres and senior citizens centres as well.
Carrie, 2020/10/08 08:37
I believe that rasing awareness on Health literacy is important so many of us look to the internet for answers or move house, travel etc. I think iits important to provide authoritative information freely for all
Denise, 2020/10/08 10:55
I would think it would be great to incorporate this into our Social Seniors programs. Could also be a stand alone training or even 1:1 when the need arises
Andrew, 2020/10/08 14:58
High level promotion via existing programs or as a group session is good. And yes, one-on-one sessions are likely to be useful to some and should definitely be offered.

However, while we are proxy spruiking this government service - I think its super important to underscore staff issues around dealing with medical data - with regard to privacy concerns, comfort level in dealing with some of it and the data accuracy/liability standpoint.
Deb, 2020/10/09 10:05
A page on the library website dedicated to reliable health information. Very important as there is so much health misinformation on the internet.
Bernie, 2020/10/11 16:39
I have read some great ideas on promoting ' My Health Record' which I will be discussing with my Supervisor.
It could be included in our next "Be Connected" training course for Seniors.One on One sessions are great when time permits in a small library.
Kim Maxwell, 2020/10/12 16:26
Providing group information sessions for clients
Having specific computer available to assist clients
Jackie, 2020/10/13 08:51
Host MyHealth sessions and guides or pre-recorded link online
Work with other departments in Council for focused delivery
Include information in programs such as Conversation Cafe for those learning English
Ensure updated links to reliable health information on website and guides to print material
Think about how we might address privacy concerns if helping people on a 'one-on-one' basis
Margaret, 2020/10/14 15:20
Perhaps hold classes say once a month for adult and seniors who are unsure of how to work the my health record once we are able to have classes back to the Libraries.
Gayle , 2020/10/19 12:49
Include as part of myTech sessions at libraries. Group or one - on -one sessions.
Libby, 2020/10/26 10:41
I think within our library service one to one sessions would work best. Could be done via a virtual session, if patron is able and when we open up after lockdown it could be done privately in a bookable room. Out in the main part of the library would would not give enough privacy or the chance to explain without other patrons wanting assistance.
Tracey, 2020/10/26 13:54
We could have badges made that trained staff wear, inviting patrons to ask staff about digital health literacy. We could then arrange a session with the patron/patrons to explore the opportunities to discuss authorative websites and the benefits of "My Health Record".
Linda, 2020/10/26 14:27
Include a My Health session as part of a library digital course. Also could run a stand-alone session as part of either Seniors Week or Get Online Week or both
Audrey, 2020/10/29 22:55
That's a good idea to run these sessions during Seniors Week and or Get Online Week.
Jan Smith, 2020/10/27 14:12
Our library offers one-on-one help for seniors with MyGov .. My Health Record could be incorporated with this
Robyn, 2020/10/27 14:15
one on one training would be greatly beneficial, even more so if delivered in a quieter space where people could feel a little less conspicuous when learning
Clem, 2020/10/27 15:28
One-on-one training for MyGov in general and for My Health Record in particular would be a useful thing to offer to our patrons, either in person (Covid-permitting) or as a digital/virtual session
Rachel, 2020/10/28 21:03
A 1 on 1 session would definitely assist many members in our community
Susannah PK, 2020/10/30 12:17
This content is fantastic for a variety of demographics. Post Covid, many people have lost work and are finding it difficult to navigate the online space to access government support. Senior citizens in particular have a disadvantage with purusing online resources. It is part of our duty as information managers, to provide them with this essential service.
Amanda S, 2020/11/01 17:30
Pre-pandemic, we ran frequent myGov information sessions with representatives from DHHS. Doing similar to introduce My Health Record to a broader audience would be a good way to build on this. We could then follow these general information sessions up with dedicated one-on-one time-slots for interested participants could book into, allowing further exploration of the resource with instruction tailored to their needs while respecting privacy. It should be possible to carry this out digitally too, although there would be obvious barriers that need to be worked around for those who aren’t comfortable using, or don’t have access to, digital technologies.

I love the Words for Wellbeing program and think that would be a fantastic initiative to introduce into our own library service. Likewise with having Maternal & Child Health nurses come to our Tiny Tots and Storytime sessions - just makes it so much more convenient for busy parents to gain access to valuable information supporting the development of their child.

Another idea to support wider health literacy is to compose regular blog entries that highlight various health issues on awareness days throughout the year. Including links in these entries to resources both internal and external to the library would help to not only raise awareness, but provide paths to access valuable information for those who need it. Well-structure blog entries have the added potential to reach more community members beyond the walls of our buildings.
Marlise De Nieuwe, 2020/11/26 15:00
I agree that My Health Record information would be beneficial in 1 to 1 training sessions, but also think that doing a general presentation on the subject would be useful to expose people to the idea before diving into personal specifics.
Rebekah Crawford, 2020/12/02 12:31
1. My Health Record as a topic for one of our Tech-savvy Seniors sessions
2. Multimodal FAQ on library homepage - can we have a link to My Health Record?
Marianne, 2020/12/11 13:43
I agree that one on one sessions might also be best for seniors but material could also be included in programs for people with English as a second language to help create awareness of My Health Record.
tracey, 2021/01/14 13:31
you could have people book in for a on to one help session for the my health record just be there to guide them and answer questionns
Frances K, 2021/02/02 13:26
I'm a recent graduate and yet to gain library experience, so it's great to read all of the responses from an experienced perspective. Extending the Tech Savvy Seniors course to include a My Health Record module seems like a streamlined way to integrate this information. I also think that promoting the privacy and security amendments that were later made is a good place to start, as many people were initially aprehensive of the tool for these reasons. Community partnerships with cultural communities and organisations will also be an important strategy for effectiveness in many locations.
Jane, 2021/02/08 20:06
We also have one on one sessions for digital literacy support, which we could incorporate My Health Record into, also like the idea of inviting local children’s health nurses to the toddler program we run. We currently have a display of information on our ambulance service, which we intend to share with our children’s program families as well as some of the resources we have been supplied with are for educating and awareness for young children.
Helen O'Brien, 2021/02/19 14:58
I think a few people have already mentioned it - but I also had the thought about having health workers such as early child health nurses attend the baby rhyme time/storytime sessions. In the past we have actually had organisations such as Ngala represented at rhyme times sessions in the library.
NMcIntosh, 2021/06/23 09:22
Our volunteers could promote it as a sideline during sessions with clients.
Our digital classes could also run a session on My Health Record or include it in a class on MyGov services.
rosa Douglas, 2021/06/30 11:02
Yes training could be done anytime in our Libraries especially during information week.
Kerry Lemaire, 2021/07/21 15:32
It would be a very good addition to My little library
Keeley Moloney , 2021/08/24 19:16
It would be good to include the My Health Record Training in the one on one sessions we hold in our Library, however we only have one person available for one on ones so having the extra person available to help with the my Health Record issues would be an assest to our library.
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